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The Maritime Hotel – One Pedal at a Time
Monday, June 11th, 2012 | By Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

The Maritime Hotel – One Pedal at a Time

The Maritime Hotel

I’ve never been on a cruise ship.  Not that I’m a land lubber afraid of the aquatic depths, just that it has never appealed to me. It seems like a very sterile way to experience a maritime adventure.  However, this opinion has recently been thwarted following my visit to the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea.  Perhaps it’s time for me to reconsider and take the opportunity to fully appreciate modern cruise ships because the retro cruise liner feel of the Maritime Hotel is totally intoxicating.The Maritime Hotel

From the vessel like form of the actual building to the circular portal apertures that make the windows, the Maritime Hotel captures a moving vessel atmosphere in the middle of Manhattan without passengers purging their stomachs off the sides of it.

Even the patio is raised so the traffic below can’t be seen but you can hear it as though it were the rush of oceanic depths and the building was meandering it’s way down 9th Ave.  A perfect perch to enjoy whatever seaworthy cocktail you fancy.

The Maritime Hotel

Fortunately for the guests at the Maritime Hotel, they can also “disembark” and explore the permanent port on this island called Manhattan on their new fleet of Brooklyn Cruisers.


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