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It looks like spring really has come early this year, which means the seasonal bike riders among us are getting back on our city bikes, and some of us are even making our first bicycle purchases since we were kids!  But none of us will get any use out of our bikes if we don't have the proper accessories--and we're not just talking functionality.  The bike accessories we buy should be just as stylish as our handbags, our briefcases, and every other lifestyle accessory we own.  So we've rounded up some of our favorite stylish & functional bike bags and baskets that will make it chic and easy to ride your bike anywhere you'd walk or drive...

Po Campo Uptown Trunk Bag

If you prefer to travel light and just need a way to keep your purse from falling off your shoulder while you ride, the Po Campo Uptown Trunk bike bag is for you.  Its ingenious straps keep it secured to your bike rack, and most importantly, it looks phenomenal on and off the bike.  So instead of constantly transferring the contents of your purse to a bike bag & vice verse, or stuffing your actual purse inside a pannier, then worrying the pannier will be stolen when you run into the store, you can simply make this bike bag your purse, taking it on and off the bike as you need, and feeling confident it's both safe and looking good.

Buca Boot Bike Trunk

And speaking of stolen--have you ever wished your bike came with a trunk, the way your car does? Something you could lock while you were away, that you could keep your gym clothes in, or where you could store one purchase while you ran a different errand...  Well, now there's Buca Boot--a trunk for your bike!  It locks and looks amazing; what more could you want--except maybe to look like Sugar & Cloth's Ashley while using it?

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Handcrafted Wooden Front Crate

While the Buca Boot attaches to your rear rack, our Wooden Front Crate is a stunning addition to the front of your bike.  A companion piece to our best-selling rear crate, this version offers a sophisticated look, the security of keeping a watchful eye on your purse or briefcase while you ride, plus straps to secure that bag, blanket, book, and brown-bag lunch you're toting.  The crate is supported by struts underneath, allowing it to hold more weight than a traditional handlebar basket, and because the struts are adjustable, the crate can be raised or lowered to suit most any bike.  Your new go-to front bike basket has arrived.

Wald Giant Delivery Bicycle Basket

If your aesthetic is a little more minimalist--you envision a no-frills, sturdy, ubiquitous front basket--you'll want to go with a Wald bike basket.  Still made in the USA after more than 100 years, Wald baskets come in all shapes and sizes, for both front and rear, but the  Giant Delivery Basket is our favorite for its sturdiness--it, too, is supported from below by struts--and its size.  It's deep enough to carry even the largest of handbags, a whole stack of books, groceries, etc., but still light enough that it doesn't add much weight to the bike overall.  And with its classic look, this basket is sure to complement any bike.

Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bike Basket

And for those of you who want to carry live cargo?  You'll need a pet carrier.   Nantucket Bike Basket Co. used to make adorable ones, but we can no longer find them on their website and suspect they've been discontinued!  While we all petition them to bring back these perfect pet perches, we offer instead the Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket--which is not only gorgeous, but comes padded for comfort and includes a sunshade (repeat: sunshade!) for your precious animal cargo.  If you're concerned your dog might hop out, add Solvit's  wire bike basket safety cage--et voilá!  Proceed to ride pooch-sure and care-free.

Have other bike accessories to recommend? Leave us a comment below or tweet at us!

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