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Brooklyn Bicycle Co. city bikes look good in the fall foliage.

You'll find plenty of guides at this time of year listing the top scenic rides in various impressively-foliaged regions of the country, which is amazing--if you ride a mountain bike or a road bike and spend the weekend cycling 20 or so miles for fun.  But if city bikes and trips around the neighborhood are more your style, you'll need a different kind of fall guide--and we've got just what you need.  Here are some cool places and great reasons to ride, proving that fall really is the best season for biking!

Where? Farmers' Markets

Ride to your local farmers' market.

Why? Farmers' Markets, because they source from farmers nearby, usually deal in seasonal fare--and you know what that means... APPLES! You'll find apple varieties you never knew existed, plus apple cider doughnuts, and apple cider itself.  (If you're lucky, someone might be selling it HOT.) You can also get a pumpkin or two, for carving, and other delicious squash (mmm--butternut) for eating.  And city bikes are the perfect farmers' market vehicles, so long as they're outfitted with something in which to carry your loot--like one of these bags, or a rear crate.

Why? Outings with Friends (Because Winter is Coming!)

Fall is the perfect time for a bicycle picnic with friends.
Check out how The House That Lars Built adventures on their bikes.


Where? For starters, the park!  Because if you live anywhere even remotely like Brooklyn, you'll probably be hibernating from January through at LEAST March, so you'll want to take advantage of the outdoors while you still can.  Also--football games!  Football season is in full swing, and wouldn't you rather go now, while you can still feel your feet, than in January, when, can't? (Extra points if your bicycle is your team's color!)  Finally, bike to your favorite brunch spots, of course!  Seriously, you probably won't see your friends for all of winter. Go eat brunch with them.

Why? Costume Hunting

Calivintage rides her bike to vintage stores.
Calivintage, as her name suggests, hunts for out-of-the-way finds all year long.


Where?  Thrift stores, dollar stores, wig shops--the list goes on.  Point is, costume hunting requires you to think outside the box and visit stores you might never otherwise have even seen--which is just the sort of exploration city bikes are perfect for!  So decide on a costume, clear your Saturday, and ride around the neighborhood collecting all the random stuff you'll need for your killer concepts.

Where? Wherever Your Halloween Takes You!

Anna Maria of Pretty Damned Fast with Brooklyn Bicycle Co.'s fixed gear bicycle.
Our city bikes are light enough to carry up and down stairs--just like you have to do in an actual city.


Why? Because Halloween!  No matter what you're up to for the big night, it's likely to be a crowded scene; and whether you generally get around by car (parking will be insane), or take public transportation (total nightmare on Halloween), a bike is going to make your adventures way easier--especially if you'll be bopping from place to place. Just make sure your costume doesn't interfere with your ability to properly maneuver your ride.

P.S. Imagine how much more candy you will accrue if you bike to multiple trick-or-treating sites! Eleven-year-old you and classmates are dying for city bikes of their own.

Where else do you ride your city bike in the fall? Leave us your suggestions below or tweet at us!

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