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Thinking of bringing a little Brooklyn to your neck of the woods?  We're honored you're considering our line.  Below is an introduction to our brand--the quality of our product, the kind of business we do, and how we differ from others.

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Why Our Customers LOVE Us

That Brooklyn Thing

We look to the streets of Brooklyn--our home borough and cultural mecca for consumers the world over--for our sense of style.  Our bikes reflect the throwback aesthetic of the city without sacrificing the practicality or quality a borough like Brooklyn demands.


Our bikes are that rare affordable luxury--priced for the casual rider who wants to look good on a bicycle they know will last, but who doesn't need all the frills of high-end racing or mountain bikes.


We worked with Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycle Works and consulted with countless bike shops to design bikes for seriously comfortable commuting.  Our thoughtful frame geometry gives our riders the freedom of full leg extension when in motion, but also the stability of touching their feet to the ground when stopped.  Add to that our upright handlebars, our selection of cushioned saddles, and some lush grips--and your customers will find themselves with one of the most comfortable rides on the market.


Brooklyn Bicycle has been covered in major magazines from Harper's Bazaar to Maxim, and in local publications right in our dealers' own communities.  Bloggers from California to Houston to New York are talking about our bikes, and our Instagram is flooded with images from professional photographers to satisfied customers.  Our marketing and PR efforts are spreading the Brooklyn Bicycle word--and driving traffic straight to our shops.


Why Our Dealers Love Us

Quality Product

We take pride in offering well-made, reliable products that are thoroughly warrantied, weather-resistant, and thoughtfully designed to keep customers happy.  Sealed bearing hubs, chromoly tubing, double-walled rims and nylon rim strips, a machined brake surface, and stainless steel hardware are just some of our considerations--and while customers might not be familiar with all these little parts, they'll definitely understand that quality parts mean a longer-lasting, hassle-free experience. 

Maintained Margins

Many bike brands offer new models each year, which can force dealers to discount those brands' products at the end of the season, effectively eroding their margins.  We don't work that way.  We don't do model years, which means you won't be left holding the bag when the new season comes, and your margins will hold steady.

IBD-Centric Business Model

Our dealers are our champions, so our number one priority is to be easy to do business with.  We offer strong margins and year-round freight incentives, and to minimize shipping time and offset customs delays, we operate out of multiple warehouses.  We provide excellent customer service--we're there when you call, we know our business, and we'll track down any answers you need.  

Finally, we sell online for you.  We recognize there are  customers who might not  feel comfortable walking into a dealership, or who would rather shop online, so we accommodate them by offering the option to buy online--but we also don't want to compete with our dealers, so all our online sales are fulfilled through dealers.  Existing dealers will be credited any sale in their territory, and we'll send the bike and the customer to their shop for fulfillment.  Even when a customer orders from an area where we have no existing dealers, we'll pay a local shop to build the bike and send the customer there to collect it.  After all, our customers are buying more than a bike--they're buying helmets and locks and baskets, and we trust local shops to help them find what they need.

Up Close and Personal

The interactive image below will walk you through our bikes and give you a sense of how we differ from other brands.  Just run your mouse over the little plus signs and see what Brooklyn has to offer.

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Thanks so much for your time and interest.  We look forward to working with you.

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