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Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Fall-Winter Photoshoot - 📍Buenos Aires, Argentina

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In an effort to capture a place with the look and energy that mirrored Brooklyn's unique vibes, we landed in Buenos Aires' Barrancas de Belgrano barrio for our fall/winter 2022 photoshoot. With an endless supply of trendy galleries and restaurants, not to mention chic Porteños, it was impossible not to feel at home and fall in love with this unique pocket of Argentina's capital city. To top it off, Buenos Aires' love for urban cycling radiates throughout the city.
From the Italian hotspot, La Parolaccia, to Zarpado café, to bustling thoroughfares like Avenida del Libertador and Montañeses Street, we couldn't get enough of this beloved South American City. It's highly likely we'll be back for more in the not-too-distant future.
Buenos Aires is a city whose love for city bikes and urban cycling is obvious. 
Enjoy this peek into Barrancas de Belgrano.
Directed by Milu Hermida and photographed by Pablo Crespo, this photoshoot took place in August 2022.