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July 17, 2018 3 min read

How Brooklyn Bicycle Co.’s New Showroom Can Enhance Sales for IBDs

Here at Brooklyn Bicycle Co., we’re committed to the idea that bike industry brands should uplift each other.

Rather than operating from a scarcity mindset and trying to keep the whole pie to ourselves, we’re working with independent bike dealers (IBDs) to grow their businesses along with our own.

That’s why we’ve pioneered a sales model in which we sell bikes online while still involving IBDs in every purchase. We never ship bikes directly to customers’ homes; instead, we fulfill every order through IBDs, whom we pay to assemble our bikes. IBDs can further cash in when they become stocking dealers; in this case, IBDs are paid for the bulk of the margin they would have made had they sold the bike themselves.

Our latest venture is yet another example of a rising tide lifting all boats. We’re extending the reach of our brand by opening up a showroom where we’ll display Brooklyn bicycles, invite people to interact with our products, and engage in real-life dialogue with our customers.

Nothing else about our sales process will change—every one of our bike sales will continue to be fulfilled via IBDs. Customers won’t walk home with a bike from the showroom; instead, they’ll have a chance to interact with our bikes in person before ordering a bike and picking it up from a local dealer.

The goal is to enhance our products and marketing in order to better grow our business—and yours. Here’s how this showroom is intended to benefit independent bike shops.

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Showroom main display wall

IBDs benefit from increased sales and fulfillments.

When people disappear from an online sales portal, brands can only speculate about why customers chose not to follow through on a purchase. In contrast, the showroom will enable us to develop concrete insights into what attracts customers to our bikes as well as what motivates them to pump the brakes instead of making a purchase.

That’s because our new showroom will give us an opportunity to observe how customers respond to our bicycles in real time. We’ll have a chance to see what customers notice about our bikes—both what they appreciate and what they’re concerned about. We’ll get to have candid, in-person conversations about what customers do and don’t like about the bikes in front of them.

These detailed insights into our customers’ preferences will enable us to continue developing bikes that are aligned with the needs and aesthetics of urban cyclists. As our products perpetually improve, so too will our sales. And the more bikes we sell, the more orders we fulfill through independent bike shops.

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. showroom work space

IBDs can piggyback on enhanced marketing efforts.

Just as interacting with customers in person can enhance our product improvements, so too can it refine our marketing efforts.

Our showroom will help us aggregate customer feedback so we can better understand our customers’ needs, preferences, and pain points. This will allow us to continually refine our messaging so we’re reaching our target customers as effectively as possible across print and digital channels.

When we refine our understanding of our customers and hone in on messaging that is highly tailored to the right audience, we become even better equipped to enhance the customer experience during every touch point with our customers. More effective marketing and a better customer experience overall also translates to an increase in sales—and this means an increase in fulfillments through IBDs.

Because we share customers with independent dealers, any improvements we make to our marketing efforts also, by extension, can improve IBDs’ marketing capacities. And as we all know, better marketing translates to higher conversions and happier, more loyal customers.

From the beginning, our innovative sales model has been designed to benefit independent bike dealers. By selling online and fulfilling 100 percent of our orders through local bike shops, we’ve enabled IBDs to tap into a potential customer base, sell merchandise without paying to stock it, and capitalize on our marketing campaigns. If all goes as planned, our new showroom will further enhance these benefits so that we all continue to grow together.

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