Before they leave our manufacturing facility, every Brooklyn Bicycle has a unique serial number stamped into its frame. That unique serial number is the key to identifying your bicycle should it ever go missing.

Read below to learn how to find your bicycle’s serial number, and register your bicycle to make it easier to find in the event that it gets lost or stolen.


How to locate your serial number

All Brooklyn Bicycle serial numbers are located under the bottom bracket of the bicycle, stamped into the frame.
To locate it, simply flip your bicycle upside down so it's resting on its saddle and handlebars, and record the serial number. We suggest taking a picture and saving it in a cloud based photo storage application. That’ll ensure you’ll never lose your serial number, and it will be accessible almost anywhere you go.

Serial number location

Serial number location


How to register your bicycle

Your Brooklyn Bicycle includes a lifetime warranty on the frame, plus a one year manufacturer warranty on most parts and components. In the unlikely event that you experience an issue with your bicycle, having your bicycle registered with us with ensure we can remedy the issue and get you back riding ASAP.

To register your bicycle with us, head over to our Warranty Registration Form. We’ll keep your info on file in case you need support from us in the future. We do not keep records of your bicycle's serial number unless you've registered it with us.

We also suggest registering your bike with one of the national bike registries like Bike Index. If your bike goes missing in the future, you can mark it as “lost or stolen” on the registry, which will make it difficult for thieves to sell it on the second hand market.


Bonus tip!

Most renters insurance policies will cover bike theft both inside and outside of your home. We suggest reaching out to your insurance agency to add additional coverage to your bike no matter where it is. Most insurers will need your serial number to include your bicycle on your policy.


Questions about your bicycle warranty or serial number? 

If you have any further questions about your bicycle's warranty, we suggest taking a look at our Warranty & Bicycle Maintenance FAQ. Alternatively, you're always welcome to contact us directly with any questions. Our team is standing by to help!

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Thanks so much for sharing Frances. We're glad you're finding many uses for the helmet. -Ryan Zagata

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Shipped quick and received perfectly

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Great Handlebars!

As a young bike mechanic I don’t have preferred bike component retailers. But these are perfect bars for cruiser vibe bikes. Everything (grips, brake levers etc) fit according to measurements. Great product, highly recommend it!

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