December 30, 2016

We asked our friends over at Silk Road Cycles to help us put together a list of bike tips to get everyone safely back on the road this Spring.  Brendon was kind enough to share his bike tips below:

As an urban cyclist your main focus should be on safety.  If you don't ride year round, here are a few spring tips.

  1. Inspect your tire pressure.  They should be inflated to the proper pressure.  Every tire is different and the recommended tire pressure (PSI or Bar) is indicated on the tire's side wall.
  2. Visually inspect tires for cracks.  If you see any, it is time for a replacement.  Cracks in the tire can be very dangerous and could lead to a blow out.
  3. Check your brakes.  Make sure your brake pads are in working condition and the rubber has not hardened from weather and age.  Secondly, make sure that when you use your brake levers they compress and release smoothly.  If not it might be time for new cables and housing.  Over time, cables can become corroded and seize.
  4. Lastly, get on your bicycle and ride a few meters to make sure that you can come to a quick stop.

These few tips will get you going for the season.  But as most bicycle mechanics will tell you, it is always recommended to have a spring tune up performed on your bicycle.  This will save you money and headaches in the future.


Tune ups at Silk Road Cycles include:
$45 single speed tune
$60 multi speed tune
$80 tune and wipe down of the frame and drivetrain
$125 tune and full clean

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