August 22, 2017



Nick Carnera


We reached out to Nick Carnera so show us around Portland by bike and capture the city in his beautiful photographic style. We won't say much, his photos speak for themselves:

St. John's Bridge

I was really excited when Brooklyn Bike Co said they wanted to collaborate on a bike tour in the nationally known Biketown! “Portland”.

St. Johns Bridge 

We start our tour at sunrise in north Portland at one of the most iconic bridges in town, the St. Johns bridge. The sun beaming across the bridge makes it a great place to shoot morning light hitting the green hues of the structure. With views of industrial properties, cathedral park and the river below, this is a perfect spot for a bike cruise.

Wythe in Raw on St. John's Bridge

Blue Moon Camera & Machine 

In the little area of St. Johns is one of the only film camera shops still around. It’s my go to place to get film developed and pick up a fresh roll as well!

Blue Moon Camera

Portland Waterfront 

The east side of the Willamette river has the best view of Portland-hands down. There are tons of docks off of the water and a boardwalk that you can ride for miles. If you're feeling touristy, head over the Burnside Bridge and get a shot of the famous Portland, Oregon sign!

Portland Waterfront

International Rose Test Garden 

You can’t go to the city of roses without seeing the Rose Garden! Here we found ourselves surrounded by roses of every color. It's hard to get a bad photo of this place! And it smells great too!

International Rose GardenInternational Rose Garden

Robo Taco 

I don’t know about you but I can eat Mexican food any time of the day. From nachos to burritos, this little hole in the wall has it all. Of course, I got the giant chicken soft taco with a Jarritto!

Robo TacoRobo Taco

Heart Coffee Roasters

Lastly, we finish our tour with some of the best coffee in town! If you're looking to get a grande, non fat, caramel frappacino with extra whip cream then this isn't your coffee shop. But if you are a coffee connoisseur you're in luck. I ordered a traditional Macciato, perfect for an afternoon pick me up.

Heart CoffeeWythe in Raw



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