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Driggs 7 Speed

This model is estimated to be restocked in 2023, but may be in stock at a local dealer near you. View our Store Locator to find a stocking dealer local to you.

A premium commuter with head turning style.
  • Internal 7-speed
  • High grade Chromoly steel frame
  • Relaxed & comfortable geometry
  • Mounting points for accessories
  • Shipping & Assembly Included
  • Lifetime warranty
    on frame and fork

  • 30 Day Returns

  • Color
    Army Green
    Size Guide
    • A Head-Turning Steel City-Bike For The Masses

      "This double top-tube bicycle is a classic design with an added second horizontal support that increases the strength of the frame."

    • Easy to Buy, Exceptional Service

      "By all accounts, buying a Brooklyn online is a pleasant experience."

    Why You'll Love It

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 80 reviews
    J.M. (Queens, US)
    Driggs 7 is now my favorite bike

    I have never owned an upright bike like Driggs, and was skeptical but after reading the reviews, decided to give it a try. I commute to work and was looking for something that I could join the rotation with my other bikes. Now, I hardly ever ride another bike to work, or to run errands. I usually reach for my Driggs, and it has never failed me. The internal gear hub is especially useful when riding on streets where you need to make a lot of stops, sometimes quite quickly. In addition to commuting work, I ride Driggs for everything: biking around the neighborhood, going to the farmer’s market, and running errands. All types and brands of bags fit nicely on the back rack, and I have carried $300 worth of groceries several times. The bike is incredibly fun to ride, durable, and looks fantastic. I subbed a black Brooks saddle and NS pedals but saved the original components (of course). I am so impressed with the Brooklyn quality and brand, I just bought two more bikes — a Bedford 8 speed for me, and Roebling for my wife. I can’t wait for her to experience riding a Brooklyn.

    Thanks for the abundance of kind words Jill. We appreciate your continued business and love reading about your enthusiasm for cycling. -Ryan Zagata

    Ted Gale (Tampa, US)
    One Beautiful Machine

    I love the Driggs 3.

    First: A wonderfully smooth ride, with a very comfortable riding position. This is an ideal bicycle for what I intend to use it for . . . long rides on our local recreational trails. I had thought of holding out for the seven-speed version, but, since our local dealer had the three-speed in stock, I felt (after testing it) that the range was fine, and I could be very happy with fewer intervals within that range (this is Florida, after all). The seat is perfect, and I was tickled that it came with the rear rack for panniers, etc. Plenty of points to add other accessories for longer trips as well.

    I just picked it up two nights ago, and have had it exactly twice . . . each time, it has caught someone’s attention (it does have a distinctive look). But, of course, it isn’t about the look so much as this: this bike sets out to do a particular thing, and does it beautifully.

    When I started looking for a new bike a few months ago, I wasn’t thinking about something like this at all. Then I read some of Grant Peterson’s work, and started re-thinking my entire approach. It inspired me to keep my 1989 Jamis mountain bike to adapt for gravel riding, and to look at steel-frame “urban” bikes for the in-town stuff. When I saw that Peterson had had a hand in the design of the Driggs, I knew I had to check it out. The Driggs 3 will be my primary day to day bike—something that will be tremendous fun to get out and ride right out the door. I am looking forward to using it for many years.

    Thanks so much for sharing such a thorough review Ted. Grant played a big part in the geometry of that model and his ethos is evident in many of our models. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata

    Tom Graber (Murfreesboro, US)
    Wants one since Amsterdam

    I was super fortunate as am American to travel to Amsterdam for business an fell in love with the bike culture. The next business trip brought me to NY and I saw the Drifggs in action and lusted after it. I showed interest in the bike and the CEO personally reached out and I was blown away. I live in the Nashville Metro area and the bike was assembled by passionate, talented local bike shop owners. It was an awesome experience and they fine tuned it to my needs. Every where I ride this bike, I get stopped and asked about this bike, and I am so happy to tell thie story. This bike is exactly what I needed and the experience is unsurpassed. The secret mojo that Brooklyn Bicyscke brings brings the joy I have not felt since a kid. I believe I needed Brooklyn Bicycles more than they needed me, wnd I am so cool with that.

    Thanks so much for your kind words Tom. We are honored to have you as a customer. -Ryan Zagata

    Daniel Kloeffler (New York, US)
    Buy one for the whole family! (family optional)

    From the customer service to the delivery to the craftsmanship, everything is top-notch. It makes me want to start a family just to ride Von Trapp-style with everyone on a Brooklyn Bicycle.

    We're in Daniel! Thanks for the business and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. -Ryan Zagata

    2bfrank (Colorado Springs, US)
    Perfect Bicycle

    As soon as I saw its sleek, vintage look, I knew this was the perfect bike for me. Ordering could not have been easier. And having it shipped to and assembled by a local bike shop made it a breeze. Six weeks later, I love everything about this bike and could not be happier with my choice. I can't say enough about it!

    Thanks so much for sharing. The Driggs is a real head turner so we're glad you're able to enjoy it and appreciate the feedback. -Ryan Zagata

    Greg O. (Ontario, US)
    Excellent, Well-Made Bike

    I first fell in love with traveling by bike while living in Holland. Upon returning to the States, I bought the bike I could afford (a Walmart special Schwin) and rode the hell out of it on our crappy, potholed, overcrowded Southern California streets. I loved every minute of it. We moved to an even less bike friendly city, had a baby, and at some point sold the bike that had been so good to me.

    My kid is older now, and we’ve moved back to SoCal, so I began my search for a new bike. My goal was to find a bike that I could use for everything: a relaxing leisurely ride on a weekend, a trip to the store, taking my kid to the park or school, visiting friends, etc. I’ve been heavily influenced by both Eben Weiss and Grant Petersen, especially the idea of the “unracer” approach to cycling, and using the bike as my go-to method of travel. I also wanted something that felt close to the opafiets, the Dutch bike, that first sparked my love of cycling.

    I’m sure that if you’re reading this review you are thinking similar thoughts. You’re not checking out a road bike to rack up KOMs. You’re not looking up the grams of every component listed here. You’re not spec’ing a new carbon seat post. You want a durable bike that looks amazing and will be as functional as it is stylish.

    Listen to me: this is the one you’re looking for.

    Every piece of this bike is smooth, strong, and beautiful. Ryan and his team obviously took their time finding perfect, well built components.

    Just as importantly, it’s stylish. Head-turning, “where’d-ya-get-that?”, jealous looks style. Unlike every other bike you pass, this bike is unmistakable. I love the 2nd top tube. Does it add some weight? Yeah, probably, but it’s not much heavier than similar steel bikes. And I gotta believe that the stronger geometry means this bike is going to last longer.

    I love the internal hub too! Biking in an urban environment necessitates a lot of stopping at lights and being able to shift up or down at a full stop is a lifesaver, especially when I’m loaded down with groceries. I don’t live in an extremely hilly area, but every place I want to go is uphill from me, so I got the 7 speed and have been very happy with the gear ratios.

    The rear rack that comes with the bike is steady and strong. I’m planning on putting a front rack on as well at some point, but that’ll come later. It’s nice to have the braze-ons to have the option. I have been able to take fairly heavy loads on the rear rack without any problem at all.

    Speaking of heavy loads, I’ve also been taking my kid to the park using a rear trailer that attaches to the rear axle. On my old bike the rear wheel kept slipping and the chain had to be constantly retensioned no matter how tightly I tightened everything down. On the Driggs, I haven’t had any of those problems whatsoever and the geometry makes it a far more comfortable ride, especially uphill. I haven’t had to leave the seat at all, even while hauling my huge kid up the steep grade back to our house.

    As for fit, I am 5’9” with a 31” inseam. I am right in between sizes for the medium and the large. The stand over height is perfect; I really wouldn’t want to go any higher. I opted for the “swept back” bars because I wanted that upright riding style. I find them just a tad bit short, though, both on the reach and on the rise. The bars have hardly any rise at all and, personally, I’d like a bit more to it. I’d also like just a bit more reach, like maybe an inch further back. As it is, I’m still hunched over a bit. It not terrible by any means and this is all very much a combination of individual physical measurements and personal preferences.

    The same goes for the seat. Everyone’s ass is different and a seat is the most personal part of the bike. For me the seat that it came with is okay but not great. I replaced it with a wider and softer seat after a recommendation from a friend. It doesn’t look nearly as good, but you won’t ride a bike you’re not comfortable on. Ryan says that the included seat is comfortable for most people, and I don’t doubt him. Try it out, see how it fits.

    If you’re reading this, especially if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably in the midst of researching bikes. I spent months looking at various bikes, calling companies with nitpicky questions, comparing components and geometries. It became an obsession. The primary contenders to this were from Linus, Public and Priority. I can tell you (in excruciating detail) the technical reasons I went with the Driggs but the single most important reason was this: the personal customer service I received from Brooklyn Bicycles has been absolutely amazing. The care that the entire team takes in the whole process is incredible, with fantastic communication and attention to detail. Thank you Ryan and Danielle especially for putting up with me and helping me so much with my order. You’ve made a customer for life!

    Now to start saving for a Wythe....

    Wow, that's a fun story Greg. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the kind words. Great photos! -Ryan Zagata