We rely on certain principles to guide us as our business grows—principles that stay true to our belief that each of our customers is more than just a sale and that each of our dealers is more than just a business partner. Each person with whom our bikes put us in contact is one less stranger in the world, and we can’t imagine anything better than that.

of our brand, of our products, of our commitment to our customers

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. is based in Brooklyn, as our name suggests. Our bicycles are named after streets we traverse daily, and if we’re tweeting about a new restaurant, it’s likely we’ve been there or are dying to go. When you see us developing our brand, what you’re really seeing is us exploring our communities—Brooklyn, of course, but also the biking community, the fashion world, our lifestyle niche, and the myriad unexpected places that every new connection takes us. We take pride in who we are—and that means you can take pride in owning our products.

for our customers, for our dealers, and for our employees

The respect we feel for our customers is apparent in every aspect of our business: in our pricing, in the materials we use, and in the high level of service we offer. We will pick up the phone when you call, hunt down answers to your questions, and iron out any complications to your satisfaction. We’ll even tell you if it seems like our bikes aren’t what you’re looking for—because we genuinely want you to find the bike that’s right for you. And this same philosophy carries over to our dealers and to the folks who keep things moving in our office. Independent bike shops are the champions of our brand—so we champion them right back by being as easy to do business with as we can and by spreading the word about them every chance we get. We believe in paying our employees what they’re worth, and in creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable contributing and—let’s be honest—making mistakes. It’s important to us that our team take chances, because when one of us grows, we all grow.

of our products, of our service, of our relationships

We believe everyone has a right to quality products at affordable prices, which is why we work so hard to make sure our bikes and accessories are designed to the highest standards and made with the best materials in the best facilities. Our warranty against manufacturing defects covers our frames for the lifetime of the original owner and covers our parts for a year after purchase. That’s how certain we are of the quality of our products—and how much we care about the people with whom we do business.

within the industry, within our communities, within our very own office

Grant Petersen’s collaborative spirit really helped shape our bikes—literally!—and that spirit is at the heart of how we do business. To stay relevant, we need to keep as informed as we can, and to do that, we encourage our dealers, customers, followers, colleagues, and employees to contribute ideas and to level with us about our products, our services, and the industry as a whole. We also want to hear about things that have nothing to do with bicycles—community projects, local fundraisers, great businesses, hardworking people—because it’s not a collaboration if we’re not giving anything back. If you’re an artist, if you’re in business, if you have a blog, and you want to create something you see a need for, let’s talk. Community is built on people coming together—so come. Let’s be a part of one another’s communities.