Back in 2008 when Ryan Zagata moved to Brooklyn, he was looking for a new challenge—and a new bicycle. He had a hankering for something simple, yet stylish; comfortable, yet refined; and above all, affordable. When he couldn’t find it, he decided to create it—and three years later, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. was born.

Our bicycles couple a timeless look with modern design and colors to suit anyone from the subtle sophisticate to the ebullient free-spirit. Their best-in-class materials—like the strongest lightweight frames, durable hardware, weather-resistant components—and quality construction mean our bikes will last longer and require less maintenance than others of their kind. And since style and quality shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, we make it a priority to keep our bikes affordable.
Bicycles that originated in Brooklyn are now available around the world, and our network of hard-working dealers and loyal consumers expands daily because of our commitment to bikes that fit into your life, rather than bikes you need to fit your life around. Our bicycles are for commuting, socializing, getting things done, and—sometimes—just being seen.
Our bicycles are for you.