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Who We Are

Brooklyn Bicycle Company builds bikes for vivid lives—for taking adventures, reconnecting with old friends, discovering new neighbors, and exploring hidden gems. Inspired by the streets of Brooklyn, our bikes are built for style, comfort, and durability. Made with top quality parts, crafted with care, and sold at an affordable price for real people, your bike is yours for life. We scrutinize every component for maximum sustainability and performance, every millimeter of the frame for ultimate comfort and style. We take pride in our process, in our products, and in the people who sell them, and we cultivate collaboration and celebrate community across cities, cultures, and passions.

What Drives Us

Our purpose is to connect people with the places they call home, fostering meaningful relationships and contributing to local economies—thereby strengthening communities the world over. To do that, we rely on certain principles to guide us as our business grows—principles that stay true to our belief that each of our customers is more than just a sale and that each of our dealers is more than just a business partner. Each person with whom our bikes put us in contact is one less stranger in the world, and we can't imagine anything better than that.

Our Values


We believe everyone has a right to quality products at affordable prices, which is why we work so hard to make sure our bikes and accessories are designed with the highest standards, and made with the best materials in the best facilities. Our warranty against manufacturing defects covers our frames for the lifetime of the original owner and covers our parts for a year after purchase. That’s how certain we are of the quality of our products--and how much we care about the people with whom we do business.


We’re based in Brooklyn, as our name suggests, and our bicycles are named after streets we traverse daily, so when you see us developing our brand, what you’re really seeing is us exploring our communities--Brooklyn of course, but also the myriad unexpected places that every new connection takes us. We take pride in who we are, and that means you can take pride in owning our products.


Grant Petersen’s collaborative spirit really helped shape our bikes, and that spirit is at the heart of how we do business. To stay relevant, we keep as informed as we can, so we encourage our dealers, customers, followers, colleagues, and employees to contribute ideas, and to level with us about our products, our services, and the industry as a whole. We also want to hear about things that have nothing to do with bicycles, because it’s not a collaboration if we’re not giving anything back.


The respect we feel for our customers is apparent in every aspect of our business--pricing, materials, service. We’ll even tell you if it seems like our bikes aren’t what you’re looking for-- because we genuinely want you to find the bike that’s right for you. This same philosophy carries over to our dealers, and to the folks who keep things moving in our office. We are easy to do business with, and believe in paying our employees what they’re worth, and in creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable contributing, because when one of us grows, we all grow.


Ryan grew up one of four children in Syracuse, NY, where he learned at a young age that winning didn’t always have to be a zero sum game. After graduating from the University at Buffalo, he spent the earlier parts of his career in software sales before a desire to become more connected with his beloved home borough led him to start Brooklyn Bicycle Company in 2011. Ryan resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with his wife and two children and can be spotted riding his Army Green Bedford 3 around the neighborhood, often with kids in tow.

Rachel is originally from San Antonio, Texas. She studied retail at Texas Tech University, where she became passionate about the industry. Upon graduating, she married her best friend and relocated to Brooklyn, where she started working in Operations at Brooklyn Bicycle Co. and later transitioned into Marketing. In her spare time, you can catch her sipping Americanos at coffee shops in Downtown Brooklyn, swooning over flowers at the farmers market, and globetrotting with her husband. She rides a Sea Glass Franklin 3 speed because she finds it’s the perfect amount of minimalism with a fun pop of color, while getting her all over Brooklyn.

Danielle is a born and raised Brooklynite with a passion for philanthropy. She attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she majored in Forensic Science and Deviant Behavior & Social Control. Danielle has spent over 10 years in retail where her love of customer service strengthened through managerial roles. By day, she is Brooklyn Bicycle Co.’s Office Administrator, and by evening she is a wife to her charmingly grumpy husband, a mom to her amazing little boy, and a furever mom to their dog, Foxy. In her free time, you can catch her trying to make the world a better place.


After reading so much about us, you just might find yourself wanting to join our team-and here's where you can find your opportunity! Whether we're "hiring" or not, we're always on the lookout for driven, hardworking, passionate individuals who are interested in sharing ideas with and learning from others, so if you fit the bill, send a resume and cover letter to info@brooklynbicycleco.com.