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Bicycle Pre-orders

Here's what will happen after you place your pre-order

Please note: The above steps are subject to potential delays due to extended transit times with domestic parcel carriers, and/or delays due to the increased surge in local bike shop service schedules.

We estimate most customers will be riding their bicycle 20 business days after it's restocked and shipped.

Frequently asked questions

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is simply purchasing an item in full, with the understanding that the item is projected to be in stock and ship at a later date. All pre-ordered products will ship as soon as they become available.

Can I cancel a pre-order?

You can absolutely cancel a pre-order any time before it ships. However, we do charge a 5% restocking fee. You cannot cancel a pre-order after it has shipped.
If you wish to cancel a pre-order, please reach out to us.

What does "projected restock date" mean?

The "projected restock date" is when we predict a bicycle will be received into our inventory. Once the bicycles are restocked, we will immediately ship them out to their respective customers.You will not be riding your bicycle on the projected restock date. We ask for up to 20 business days from the time of restock to the time you'll be physically riding your bike

When will I be riding my pre-ordered bicycle?

We expect most customers will be physically riding their bicycle 20 business days after their bike is restocked and shipped. For example: if a bicycle is restocked on the first of the month, most customers will be riding their bike before the 20th of the same month. This is to account for two things out of our control - shipping delays, and your local bike shop's assembly lead time.

Why are the dates associated with my pre-order subject to change?

The novel coronavirus has increased demand and uncertainty accross the industry. It's possible that your pre-ordered bicycle is delayed due to factors that are out of our control, including: shipping delays, assembly delays at your local shop, potential damages incured during shipment. Rest assured, we'll do everything in our power to both get your bicycle to you as quickly as possible, and remedy any issues should they arise.

Can I return a pre-order?

All pre-orders fall under our standard return and exchange policy, which can be viewed via our FAQ.

If I pre-ordered accessories, when will those ship?

If you have accessories on your pre-order, or on a separate order associated with your pre-ordered bicycle, they will ship when your bicycle ships, unless otherwise requested.

All accessories requiring professional installation will ship to the assembling bike shop. Accessories which do not require professional assembly will ship directly to the shipping address on your order.

I don't see the answer to my question.

If you don't see the answer to your question, we suggest checking our Full FAQ. You're also welcome to click the button below to submit a support request. We're always standing by to help!

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