2020 Bicycle Restock Information

Due to the novel coronavirus, demand for bicycles nearly tripled between April & May - causing a shortage across the industry.
Please find the estimated restock date for every model listed below.
Please note: We can only offer pre-orders on models that are actively listed as "available for pre-order".
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For Pre-Order Notifications and Updates

Navigate to the specific model's page, and click the "Notify Me" button. We'll email you as soon as pre-orders are available for your chosen model.

Franklin 3 & 7 Speeds

Willow 3 & 7 Speeds

Roebling & Lorimer

Bedford 3 & 7 Speeds

Wythe Fixie Bike

Brighton 7 Speed

Driggs 3 Speed