Bike Sizing FAQ

What size bike is the best for me?

General rule of thumb for Franklin & Willow models: If you’re shorter than 5’7”, you’ll want a Small/Medium. If you’re 5’7” or taller, you’ll want a Large.

General rule of thumb for Driggs & Bedford models: If you’re shorter than 6’, you’ll want a Medium. If you’re 6’ or taller, you’ll want a Large. For the Bedford models, if you're shorter than 5'10" you'll want a size small.

Our Lorimer and Roebling models can accomodate riders anywhere from 4'11" - 6'4".

You can take a more specific look at our carefully-considered frame design on the product pages for each particular model. The size guides can be found on each model's page, next to the size selection boxes.

If you still need help or just want reassurance that you’re making the right choice, give us a call at 800.631.0630 or submit a support request by clicking here. We understand that a bicycle is a big investment, and we want you to be comfortable in your choice.

Can I test ride a bike before I buy?

Absolutely! If you're in NYC, you can visit our Greenpoint Showroom where we'll be more than happy to let you test ride any of our models.

Alternatively, you can find a stocking dealer local to you via our Store Locator. It's important to note that we don't have direct access to our dealers inventory levels, and always suggest you call ahead to confirm their inventory before heading over.

What is the weight limit on your bikes?

Our bikes have been safety-tested up to 300 lbs.

How much do your bikes weigh?

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. bikes weigh anywhere from 24 to 35 pounds. Bikes with fewer gears are on the lighter end of the spectrum, while bikes with more gears and accessories will weigh a bit more. For a general range:

Bedford 3 weighs about 28-30 lbs

Bedford 7 weighs about 28-31 lbs

Driggs 3 weighs about 33-34 lbs

Driggs 7 weighs about 35 lbs

Franklin 3 weighs about 31-33 lbs

Franklin 7 weighs about 31-33 lbs

Lorimer weighs about 28-30 lbs

Roebling weighs about 28-30 lbs

Willow 3 weighs about 32-33 lbs

Willow 7 weighs about 33-35 lbs

Wythe weighs about 24-27 lbs

I don't see the answer to my question.

If you don't see the answer to your question, we suggest checking our Full FAQ. You're also welcome to click the button below to submit a support request. We're always standing by to help!

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