Brooks Proofide Leather Dressing

A new saddle should be treated with Brooks Proofide leather dressing to help assist the ‘breaking-in’ process. Proofide keeps the leather supple as it is specially formulated from natural ingredients to condition, preserve and shower proof your saddle. Proofide is the only substance that should be used to care for your Brooks Leather Saddle. Please note this product is only necessary for Brooks saddles.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Scotillo (Dallas, US)
Luna Bella Buns

When your moon needs a ride
Brooklyn Bikes has proofide
That’s amore….
You can order online like a big pizza pie
That’s amore…..
Then you ride like a dream but you know your not dreaming signora
Scusa me but see Brooklyn Bicycles
Took good care of me
That’s amore…..

Arrivederci y’all

Thanks so much Joseph. This is perhaps the best review in the history of reviews and we're glad you're saddle is providing the desired comfort. -Ryan Zagata

Bill Ghormley (Mesa, US)

Shipped quick and received perfectly

Thank you for sharing Bill. -Ryan Zagata

John Mooney (Clarks Summit, US)

Haven't used the saddle dressing yet but my niece loves her BBC tote bag !! Thanks Danielle !

Thanks for sharing John. -Ryan Zagata

Gary Sanford (South Bend, US)

Thanks for having it in stock

Thanks for sharing Gary! -Ryan Zagata

Joey (Leander, US)
Great service

I ordered a tin of proofide for my new Brooks saddle. I messed up my address and combined the zipcode of an old address with the rest of my current address, so my package went into shipping limbo for a while. Kimberly at Brooklyn Bicycle Co was incredibly helpful in making sure it still got to me eventually.

The proofide's good too.

Thanks for sharing your experience. -Ryan Zagata