Handcrafted Wooden Rear Crate

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Made from reclaimed timber, galvanized metal, and brass, our branded rear cargo crate makes a handsomely sturdy statement. With hardware provided for easy installment, your roomy crate will soon be doing what it does best—carrying your loot, so you don’t have to.  Be it books or bubbly, a picnic or a parcel, our crate, with its burnt Brooklyn logo, will cart it all in style.

*Engineered to fit most rear carriers. Brackets & mounting hardware included.

*If you are purchasing a crate along with a BROOKLYN BICYCLE CO. FRANKLIN, BEDFORD, CALYER, or WYTHE model, you will also need to purchase a rear carrier.

Dimensions: 3/8" Ply, 15" x 10" x 8"

Construction: Glued for superior strength

Corner Beads: galvanized metal with brass tacks

Attachments: Hardwood brackets with screw inserts for added durability

Finish: Stained and weather sealed

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