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Fixed For Fun

I have had the same cruiser for about 10 years and wanted to try a lighter bike, but I wasn't interested in gears, so I tried the Wythe fixie and it is so much fun. it is lighter than my other bike and I was able to go faster and it feels very smooth even going over a rough road surface. I love my new little fixie!

Thanks so much for sharing Rebecca. We're thrilled you're enjoying your Wythe fixie bike. -Ryan Zagata

Need a good bike, go to the professionals, thank you
Brooklyn bicycle co.

Thank you for sharing Marisol. -Ryan Zagata
Franklin 3
I love my new bike!

The Franklin 3 is the best bike I've ridden on! It's extremely comfortable for my 16 mile roundtrip from Queens to downtown Manhattan five days a week and it's a super smooth ride!

The overall bike purchase was also a great experience. By far one of the best companies I've had the pleasure of buying from, Ryan is super knowledgeable and great to talk to! All of my concerns were met and I ended up learning things about bikes that I didn't know before. I highly recommend this bike if you're looking for comfort, ease, and it's easy on the eyes too!

Thanks for sharing Karen. We're thrilled the Franklin 3 is delivering as promised. It was great meeting you in the showroom. -Ryan Zagata
Bedford 7
Wonderful Bike!

I put in many miles the first week I received it and energetically destroyed myself that week because I refused to use my car. The bike is fun to use, rides smoothly, and I trust it. Having confidence in my bike is important riding around Los Angeles and its infamously crowded roads and occasional careless drivers so I'm glad I bought this bike and would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks for sharing Eduardo. The Bedford line is a fan favorite so we're glad you are enjoying your experience with the model. -Ryan Zagata
i feel kinda guilty but it is nice

I was unsure about buying this bike because I prefer used/vintage rather than y'know using new resources + not locally made...but I'm glad the company was at least transparent with their factory and their standards. The bike itself is super comfortable and very cute! Perfect size too, no problems with it :-)

Thanks for sharing Jamie. Glad you are enjoying your Franklin and took the time to learn about our sourcing. -Ryan Zagata
Bedford 7
Smoooth Ride

Such a nice smooth ride. You can tell its a really well built bike! Really fun zipping around cities and plenty of range on the gears for flats and hills.

Thanks so much for sharing Ryan. We are thrilled you're enjoying your Bedford 7. -Ryan Zagata
Great value!

Excellent quality and unbeatable price. Extremely easy to install.

Thanks for sharing Amanda. -Ryan Zagata
Understated but amazing; exactly what i needed

After searching for bikes on various bike stores and well-known brand sites, came across Brooklyn bikes on the web. Of all the options i were considering till then, Roebling ticked almost all the boxes. High quality and light-weight frame, trustable gear system, understated looks that does not scream its presence. There were a few features that i wish it had: Disk Brakes (Hydraulic), Dynamo and a carbon belt drive. But realized that at the price-point it was being offered, the choice of components were more than good and decided to proceed with the purchase.
Right from the time of initial engagement, the staff at Brooklyn provided great support. Their levels of engagement and passion towards their products is really commendable (including Ryan, who went out of his way in helping me decide the build i need) . The purchase process was smooth and took delivery of my bike about 10 days after purchase. The local bike shop that received the bike did a very good job of setting up the bike and tuning it to suite my profile.
Since then, i have driven this bike for close to 100 miles in nearly a month and as others have stated the ride is smooth and the gear shifts precise, I have ridden other bikes before and this is the one that felt the most comfortable; be it the handle grips or the seat post.
The only problem that i have faced so far is that the tires have a tendency to destabilize if am attempting to make a sharp turn, even at low speeds. Am not sure whether it is because of the tread design causing loss of grip near the side-wall boundaries or just that am a bad rider :)
Am looking forward to the miles that am going to cross with my Roebling.

Thank you so much for sharing Chandramouli. We are thrilled that you are enjoying your Roebling and we appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with others. -Ryan Zagata
Franklin 3
Can't say enough!

I've never loved a bike so much. I sold my car and went all in as a bike commuter (I already was, but now it's really my only option) and this bike has made it a breeze. It gets good speed with little effort, it's super comfortable, and beautiful. I get compliments on it all the time. I also got a front bask and rear rack. The front basket is huge! I can fit my work supplies (laptop, files, etc.) and lunch in it without a problem and the rear rack allows for a pannier on days that I am going to the gym. Even when I get stuck riding in the rain I still have a smile on my face because riding this bike is a dream compared to my last. Additionally, the customer service was top notch. It was easy to order and came days before it was expected. Brooklyn Bike even called me to confirm the color of accessories I wanted (I ordered black thinking nothing of it) because silver matched my bike better. Very happy I received that call because I agree that silver really makes the bike stand out.

Thanks for sharing Kayla. We are glad you enjoying your Franklin 3 and appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata
Very nice a sturdy

Very nice a sturdy rear rack. I am able to clamp my dogs bike attachment to it with no worries. The customer service both through Brooklyn Bikes and Edible Pedal (the shop in Sacramento where my bike was built) was absolutely phenomenal. I had original ordered my accessories in black, thinking nothing of it, and I was contacted

Thanks so much Kayla. We are thrilled that you're getting some great use out of your carrier. -Ryan Zagata
Driggs 3
Excellent Farmers Market Cruiser.

I don't write reviews often but the bike and the company deserve it. I was looking for a new bike that was upright, fairly light, easy to pedal and had vintage styling. I live in the suburbs and have small kids so the bike mainly is used for family time and Saturday morning farmers market runs. The build quality, design and parts are all top notch for a bike in this category and price range. I did my research and it was down to the Lynus and Brooklyn Bicycle. I chose the Driggs. Ryan and Danielle spent a lot of time answering my questions and making sure I was happy. If there was an issue they fixed it. This was the biggest selling point to me and why I'm a repeat customer. Simple, provide a great product and great service.

The bike is great and I enjoy it so much I purchased my wife a Willow 3 (she got jealous of how effortlessly I was pedaling along). Of ccourse I purchased a few accessories to like a helmet, bike lights (I really like the BB set), panniers, chain gaurdframe bike lock, new seat, grips and a bell (ding!). Some of these I purchased directly from BB and if they didn't have it they helped me find it. If you're looking for this type of bike in this price range then you'll find the short list of quality providers. Great bicycle!

Thanks for sharing Jason. We are glad you're loving your Driggs and appreciate you acknowledging the efforts the team put in to ensure you had a great experience. -Ryan Zagata
Willow 3
Head over wheels for my Willow 3!

My boyfriend surprised me for my birthday with a Franklin 3. It’s absolutely beautiful, extremely comfortable and rides well! We have already gone on multiple 10+ mile rides together and am absolutely in love. Best gift and bike of all time!

Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for sharing! We're thrilled you're enjoying your Willow 3 and we appreciate you sharing the photos. -Ryan Zagata
Good rack, good service

Spent lots of time searching front racks to build a town bike to commute and run errands. Most similar racks I found where twice the price or spoiled the look of most bikes. Then I found this, a functional, good looking rack at a fair price. I had a question and Ryan quickly replied to my email with accurate answers. I am totally loving the common sense and uncomplicated approach to bikes that this company has.

Thanks so much for sharing. This front rack is such a hit with the team and you pointed out exactly why. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata
Franklin 3
Love my Franklin 3!!!

I recently received my Franklin 3 and fell in love immediately. I bought the sea glass color which is an absolutely beautiful teal. I feel so stylish riding around the city! The bike rides great and the gear mechanism is super easy to use. I was also very impressed by how easy the process was! Highly recommend the Franklin!!!

Thanks so much for sharing Kaylee. We are so thrilled that you are loving your Franklin 3 and we appreciate you acknowledging what an easy experience it was. -Ryan Zagata
Bedford Single Speed
great bike for city cycling

I'm 5'5" female & have really enjoyed using this bike - as the last reviewer noted, it rides very smoothly as a single speed. I don't have to navigate hills in Houston but it rides well on uneven sidewalks & roads throughout the city. Great as a commuter bike or to use for errands. Love the lightweight design and overall style of this bike - would highly recommend.

Thanks so much for sharing Karine. We are glad you are enjoying your Bedford. -Ryan Zagata
Brighton 7
Very happy!

Fabulous, sturdy, well built bike. Cannot wait to travel the streets of Cape May, NJ!

Thanks so much for sharing Lisa. We'll be looking for you at the Jersey Shore this summer. -Ryan Zagata
Bedford Single Speed
Love this bike!

I own the single-speed and live in Florida where commutes are very flat. This is the perfect bike for my location! I could not believe how smoothly it rides, especially up small hills since it is a single-speed! I would highly recommend this bike for the moderate, city-biker who is taking on paved paths and sidewalks. Also very lightweight and sleek.

Thank you so much for sharing Amanda. We are glad our Bedford is delivering on its promise. -Ryan Zagata
Stylish and effective

Great little bell! Can hardly notice it on the handlebars and the sound carries perfectly.

Thanks so much for sharing Amanda. We love the Oi bells for the exact reason you describe. They're functional yet discrete. -Ryan Zagata
very nice

it does it

Thanks for sharing Thomas. We'll take from your brevity that your rack is delivering as expected. -Ryan Zagata
Fun Ride

My daughters and I picked out for my wife, she loves the color, style and comfortable ride. Easy and quick turnaround time from ordering to pickup at local bike shop. She can’t wait to take to beach.

Thanks for sharing Marty. We are so glad your wife is enjoying her Brighton 7 cruiser bike. -Ryan Zagata
Brighton 7
Thank you, Brooklyn Bicycle! Best online purchase *ever*

What an impressive company! The experience I had in purchasing the Brooklyn 7 Cruiser online exceeds any other customer service I have ever received, online or at a retail establishment. I do a lot of online shopping, so when I googled "best beach cruiser" and an article appeared featuring this bicycle, I was comfortable selecting a beautiful bicycle from the Brooklyn Bicycle Co. website. But I wondered how they would get the new bike to me in NC from NY, have it assembled, and ready for pickup before Christmas so we could surprise our daughter. The entire process could not have gone better -- it started with excellent communication from the moment I made the purchase, and continued as the bike was shipped to a local vendor and assembled. I was aware at all times of where the bicycle was in the process, thanks to frequent email updates from Brooklyn Bicycle. My daughter absolutely loves her new cruiser, and who wouldn't -- it's beautiful! Thank you Brooklyn Bicycle for an experience that exceeded my expectations in every way.

Thank you so much for sharing Karen. We are thrilled you are enjoying your Brighton 7 cruiser bike and also delighted that your purchase experience met your expectations. -Ryan Zagata

The basket I purchased from Brooklyn Bicycle is, in a word, CUTE! Its great quality and looks good on the bike as well as being very functional. The people at Brooklyn Bicycle were easy and pleasant to work with. I would go to them any time I needed to buy a bike or any accessories in the future.

Thank you Frances. We LOVE Nantucket Baskets and are glad you are enjoying yours as well. -Ryan Zagata
Love This basket.

Thank you for making this basket, I love it and it is so cute!

Thanks for sharing Courtnay - glad you're enjoying your Serge basket.
Driggs 7
She's a dream!

I first have to say that Ryan at BB was so patient and helpful, I must have tested every bike in their showroom and I was still undecided. In the end I went with my gut and bought the Driggs. I swapped the seat for the Willow, which has been much more comfortable. The Driggs fulfills my criteria that it must look great and be a laid back ride for commuting. I've only had a few rides (before I shipped her to our new home in Australia) but I'm very happy with how it handled the uneven roads of Brooklyn and even in strong winds, I managed to find a comfortable speed. She also gets so many admiring looks, it pains me to attach a U-lock to her. Overall, a great valued bike that has so much charm and a perfect commuting bike for the scenic-route enthusiasts.
Thank you BB team!

Thanks so much for sharing Candace. We enjoyed working with you and hope your bike serves you well in Australia. -Ryan Zagata
It's great

Sturdy, looks just like pictures, works great. Exactly what I wanted.

Thanks for sharing Leslie. We are glad you're enjoying your front bike rack. -Ryan Zagata