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Swept Back Handlebars
Father Nicodemos (Mechanicsville, United States)
Handle bars

I really like the swept back handle bars. I just wish that I could have had the option of having them come with original bike order rather than having to order them in addition to the bike which came with the other handle bars. Why not let people choose which handle bars they like?

Thank you so much for sharing. Unfortunately, it is more challenging that it appears to offer the bespoke handlebar option you suggest. Without boring you with the details, the current scenario is the most efficient option available without designing an entirely new bike with the handlebar being the sole differentiator. The relaxed ride handlebars are significantly better received in the market, hence us opting for that style by default. Thanks again for your feedback. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
Rachel (Middletown, United States)
The Best Birthday Gift!

Just wanted to drop a note to say my birthday bike has been assembled, picked up and road-tested. I adore it!! I asked my wife to find the perfect bike for me and after researching, she came up with Brooklyn Bicycle's Franklin model. It is indeed, the perfect bike for me. The whole process from start to finish (including personal service from founder Ryan and having the bike professionally assembled as part of the price) was exceptional. Thanks for the great product!

Happy Birthday Rachel. It was our pleasure to help make this an easy process for you and I'm glad we succeeded. Thank you to your wife for the referral. - Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Patrick (Bloomington, United States)
Great bike for the price and looks amazing

The bike made it before the expected date and was ready to ride. The shop they partnered with also helped me get started (which as a first-time bike rider was helpful).

Overall the bike is amazing, it arrived with a few nicks in the paint (which I didn't think was worth the time it would take to get a replacement), and the brakes keep making a screeching noise (but that might be a thing bikes do). Love the handle bars, and have gotten a few compliments on the bike!

Thanks so much for sharing Patrick. We're thrilled you are enjoying the bike and compliments are rolling in. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
A.W. (Salt Lake City, United States)
Rocky start, but worth it in the end

First thing first, this is a very aesthetic bike and you're going to get a lot compliments on it. It's a solid frame road bike so make sure you know the terrain you're going to be using it on, no off-roading obviously. It's great on the roads and has a surprising amount of power.
My experience with this bike was not great to start though and I rolled unlucky when I originally got it, and had derailleur issues. Which was resolved by a visit to the partner shop and then later on a visit to a local shop. I need to give huge props to the customer care team especially Danielle, whose hard work and communication made what would normally be a rage inducing experience pleasant. I've been using it pretty much daily over the last few months, putting it through its paces to make sure the issue has been resolved. Now it's one of my favorite bikes I've ever owned, and was well worth the investment. I'd recommend this bike to just about anybody, although I might suggest looking into the internal gear options over the derailleur if possible.

Austin - thank you so much for taking the time to share such thorough feedback. While we understand we had a few hiccups, we truly appreciate you acknowledging the effort our team put in to make it right and we're floored to read your words suggesting that 'it's one of my favorite bikes I've ever owned.' -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Shannon (Tucson, United States)
Form and function

It’s a lovely bike and lighter than expected. I enjoy the more upright position so much!

Thank you for sharing Shannon. We are thrilled that you're enjoying your new city bike. -Ryan Zagata

Swept Back Handlebars
A. (Calabasas, United States)
Bar end shifters

These handlebars look great but the bar end shifters I meant to install won't fit since the diameter of the holes are very small. A huge bummer but I guess I should have anticipated this issue.

Thanks Asaf. The bars are 25.4 at the clamp and 22.2 at the grip so any bar end shifter would need to fit that diameter. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
J.C. (Carmel, United States)
Just the Bike for me !!!

Franklin arrived along with beautiful Autumn weather....A pleasure to ride and it has taken its rightful place in my bicycle line-up.
Thanks to Ryan and his crew for the great customer service and follow-up.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback and for allowing us to sort a few hiccups with your order. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Danny (Edmond, United States)
Nice bike

It was fun riding a bike again! I love the look of it and even after riding it for a month still looks amazing! Very nicely made

Thank you so much for sharing Danny. We are thrilled to learn that you're enjoying your Franklin 8 city bike. -Ryan Zagata

Steven (Brooklyn, United States)
An easy purchase and a lovely bike

Our experience buying this bike and the bike itself were both really good. The bike was shipped to our local bike shop quickly and without a hitch. The bike itself is just beautiful. We bought this for an 11 year old girl. She loved it right away.

Many thanks for sharing Steven. We are thrilled that your daughter loves her Lorimer. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Will (Medford, United States)
What a ride!

I love this bike! It ride’s so smooth. It’s my first commuter. The gears shift like butter. It’s so comfortable. It shipped so quickly and was perfect from the start. We bought 2 and have already put about 30 miles on them. Taking them to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard this weekend for my birthday. Everyone loves the color and the look. I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for sharing your experience Will. It's great to learn that you're making quick use of the bikes and LOVE when our customers share photos. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Keri (Los Angeles, United States)
Wonderful and beautiful bike!

I am very happy with my Bedford 8 speed! Beautiful bike that came just as pictured. Quality of seat and handle bars are very good. The seat is also very comfortable. I use the bike for my commute (10 miles one way). I’m a recreational biker but the 8 speed does wonders for my commute to make it an east ride. Not the lightest bike, but for an 8 speed sleek bike, not bad in weight-I’m still able to carry it up and down short flights of stairs without hassle. Assembly and delivery to my door were so easy and a huge reason why I purchased this bike. Only hassle was my service delivered without assessing my height. But was easy to find a bike shop to adjust for me. Other bike companies tack on a large fee for the assembly for an already expensive bike, and even then they required pick up. Overall very happy with price point for the comfort, ride quality, aesthetic, and easy delivery experience.

Thank you so much for sharing Keri. We are thrilled that you're enjoying your bike and we also appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with your delivery. -Ryan Zagata

Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser
Joanne Lanzilotta (East Northport, United States)
Fabulous Bike!

Purchased the Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser and was definitely not disappointed! My first ride was a 26 mile ride along the south shore bike path of Long Island and not only was it very enjoyable but the ride was very comfortable! If you are considering this bike, it's a slam dunk! Enjoy!

Thank you for sharing more about your 'slam dunk' Brighton 7 Joanne. We are thrilled that you're enjoying your new wheels. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Michael (Williamsburg, United States)
A pleasure to ride, a pleasure to look at.

The Virginia countryside is not normally the playground of Brooklyn bicycles. But my Franklin does well here after a few minor modifications and add-ons. With a quill stem (silver, of course) allowing for a lower handlebar, this step-through moves at a good clip, even when there's a headwind. It's also the kind of bike you can't just park and walk away from. After a few steps, you have to turn around and give it an admiring look. It's that stylish. Great job, Brooklyn!

Awesome share Michael. We love the black touchpoints you've added and appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with others. -Ryan Zagata

Oooops! On my previous

Sorry--meant "Brooklyn" not "Boston"! My brain just wasn't engaged!

Thanks so much for sharing JG. Thrilled this is protecting your saddle as expected and that you'll get a lot of use out of the tin. -Ryan Zagata

Bungee Cargo Net
KRIS (Queens, United States)
Works very well

I use it to cover a milk crater. Very solid built. Good amount of flexibility as well.

Thanks Kris. We love this net as well. Glad you're getting so much use out of it. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Janet (Friendswood, United States)
You’ve Got to Have One

This is an incredible bike. The fit is perfect and I look forward to riding for many miles. I always struggle with hand pain so I did add the upgraded seat and swept back handle bars. They were both great additions that allowed me to be more upright. The color is beautiful as you can tell in the reference photo. I appreciated the customer service and quick shipping of the bike. I would highly recommend this bike and this company.

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and photos Janet. We are thrilled you're enjoying your Franklin 8. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Heidi Morales-Hake (Tampa, United States)
Great Choice for Commuting/Leisure

After enjoying my Roebling for about 4 years now, I decided I wanted something more laid back and fun to ride. I chose the Franklin 8-speed because of the design and upright handle bars. The minute I test rode it at my local bike shop, I knew this was the one! The price point is reasonable for what you're getting, its comfortable, stylish and its quality built. I'm debating on whether I should keep my Roebling because it's also a great bike, but more for city commuting.

Thank you so much for sharing Heidi. It seems you've fallen into the N+1 trap whereby the number of bikes you need is N (the number you have) plus one more. We're honored that your +1 is a Brooklyn and we're thrilled to be with you wherever you're going. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
A.H. (New York, United States)
Fun Utilitarian Ride

Bought this step through for the purposes of putting a child seat on the back. The reason I bought the step through was so I don't kick the kid's everyime I get on or off. In that regard, it is perfect. The 3 speed is perfectly adequate for NYC; no hill is so steep here that more speeds are necessary.

Only complaints are really nitpicks. I wish the clasps that held the brake cable were enclosed; my cable keeps coming out and rubs against the chain as I ride. Also, It would have been nice if, when purchasing, one could choose the type of handlebars come with it. I would have loved the swept back handle bars, but its too much trouble to order and bring back to the bike shop to be redone.

Customer support is excellent and the bike rides well. I would definitely recommend this bike

Thanks for sharing Andrew. We're thrilled you're enjoying your bike. As our bikes are assembled and packaged at the factory and ship directly to a third party warehouse, we are limited in our ability to offer bespoke handlebars. That being said, the handlebars are available and as you experienced, VERY easily swapped out. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Rene Calvo (Stuttgart, Germany)
My new friend.

This is the first new bike I have owned in 30 years. I have always had used bikes because new ones don't last long in NYC. It is light and uncomplicated making it easy to carry up the stairs and into my destinations. Because it is stylish and classic nobody minds. Once I've had it a few years and it has garnered an urban patina then I will lock it on the streets. But not overnight. Never overnight. It's fast. The protected bike infrastructure in NYC has improved. I use it to travel much further than I ever did before. I often go weeks without using the subway. (Which continues to get worse, not to mention that one can catch a deadly disease). It is well constructed. It is dependable. I smile whenever I see it. My Bedford bike is my new friend. I highly recommend it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback and thoughts on your new 'friend.' We hope your friend is with you for many future journeys. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
JDog (Eugene, United States)
Pretty Bike

Very cool bike! My Wife loves it. I wish I would have known about the clicking sound the 3-speed internal hub makes- (it's totally normal according to Shimano, just unexpected).

Thank you for sharing. As we shared previously, the internally geared hubs are a bit chatty by design. There is a lot of engineering that goes into getting all of these gears stuffed into a rear hub. -Ryan Zagata

City Biker (New York, United States)

An electric CitiBike and I collided barely three days after I got this bike. Took me about three days to get things like the seat, brakes, gearshift, and so on back into working order—but my god, does she ride not just like brand new, but like the kind of bike I think I always imagined bikes were supposed to feel like ever since I learned how to ride. She has almost too many gears for riding around Manhattan (thus why that CitiBike and I aren’t the best of friends), but I cherish her. Absolutely delightful to ride

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We're thrilled you got your bike back together after that crash so that it's performing as expected. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
Paul Klepacki (Naples, United States)
Best Bike For Your Buck

If I could give my Brooklyn bicycle 6 stars, I would. Wait... I will! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks for the clever use of the six stars Paul. It truly means the world to us that you're enjoying your bike so much. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Joaquin Elizondo (Tijuana, Mexico)
My first commuter bike and I love it!

I wanted a bike for my short commute to work and after doing extensive research I came across the Bedford 8. I wanted to try it out before buying it, but after reading more about the company and other reviews I went ahead and just purchased it. Bike arrived about two weeks later at my LBS. It's been such a joy to ride to work and I love the Army Green color. The 8-speed really helps on the hills coming back home. Now I want to get the rack when it becomes available again. Great buying experience and bike!

Thanks so much for sharing Joaquin. We are honored that you landed on the Bedford 8 after such extensive research and we're thrilled it's delivering as promised! -Ryan Zagata

Relaxed Ride Handlebars
Michael (Williamsburg, United States)
Excellent bars.

I bought these as a crash replacement. I liked the original Relaxed Ride bars that came on my Bedford. So there was no reason buy another kind of bar. The original bars took a bad hit in a hard crash and I did not trust them any more.

We are sorry to learn of your crash Michael but surely we're glad you like these bars. They seem to strike a great balance. -Ryan Zagata

Uptown USB Rechargeable Bike Lights
Ronrico Bianchi (Parrish, United States)
Defective, but…

Unfortunately my clear light was defective, but easy enough to resolve via customer support.
Red light works fine, bright and appears well made

Thanks for sharing Ronrico. I am glad the team was able to sort out your issue with your front light. -Ryan Zagata