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Thanks for having it in stock

Thanks for sharing Gary! -Ryan Zagata

Nice bike apart from rim issues.

This bike has been very good to me so far, except for the rear rim. Although I always ride at the recommended tire pressure, the rim warped about a year in, and now three spokes have broken. Other than that, the bike has been reliable, user friendly and stylish.

Thanks for sharing Andrew. Often times when a spoke fails, the remaining bikes are severely stressed if the bike is continually ridden. Even if you repair the offending spoke, the others may well fail over time. We suggest to have the wheel rebuilt if any spokes fail to help ensure the integrity of the wheel is maintained. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata

Exactly the specifications and color I was looking for, and puncture resistant, too!

After spending lots of time looking for a 700c x 32 bicycle tire in cream color, I found the CST Puncture Resistant tire and fortunately, was able to buy a pair. I was quite pleased with the whole experience. The original tires on my bike were also puncture resistant, so while those are no longer available,this is as close as I can get to the original item and matches the saddle and grips perfectly. If only I could find some cream colored grips that would be great but now I know where to get the tires. I will be getting another pair in a year or two whether I need them or not just to be sure I have replacements before they are all gone.

Thanks for sharing Len. Glad these tires are keeping your bike looking spiffy. -Ryan Zagata

Clear tone, a bit muted

Of course I love the ingenious look, I'm just not sure if I'm heard on the cacophonous streets of New York. Ironic.

It makes sense, it's small after all. Thought shoppers should know.

Thanks so much for sharing Logan. Check to see that the mounting screw is not overtightened and that the metal of the bell is no toughing any other component as that will certainly mute the sound. The sound should be audible and on par with any other bell. -Ryan Zagata

They look good and work well.

Without the fenders, I would never have attempted to ride through sleet and snow. Not even my shoes have gotten dirty, with these bad boys on.

Thanks so much for sharing Logan. We're glad these fenders are keeping you clean. -Ryan Zagata

Nice rack

I have a brooklyn bike, the willow model. My husband installed the rack for me, he said it wasn't that easy to install and had to make some adjustments to the mounting hardware for the rack to fit. So with that said, if you are not very savvy at installing things maybe like the description says, to have it professionally installed. The rack is great, love the look of it and it is sturdy. I haven't used it yet for heavier items but it seem like it will be fine for a bag full of groceries or farmers market run. I docked it 1 star because of the difficult installation.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback Deebe, We're quick to highlight on the product page that this is best suited for professional assembly. We're glad you're enjoying. -Ryan Zagata

Superb company and product

- Hands down the most aesthetically pleasing bike basket out there -
I had a small issue with the wood stain and reached out to bbc for advise. They recommended putting a lacquer on the planks since I didn't like the weathering effect. Worked like a charm.
To my surprise they shipped out new planks and their sweet little tote to me the next day. I'm super grateful and amazed by their impeccable costumer service and quality of their product. Been gushing about them to everyone I can. Thanks again!

Thanks so much for sharing Albina and thank you for giving us the chance to make it right for you. We're thrilled you're enjoying your front bike rack. -Ryan Zagat

Whizzing through Long Beach

I ordered this bike towards the end of 2020 and was able to start the new year on a high note when I was notified that my bike was ready for pickup. So far the Roebling has been awesome!. I love the sleek matte finish and the overall look of the bike. It has 8 different gears and is a very smooth and comfortable ride, making it perfect for riding around town in Long Beach, CA. Personally I was looking for a solid hybrid/fitness bike and the Roebling checks all of the boxes. I also love the fact that I am able to support smaller businesses, especially in times like these. I can't say enough about the team at BBC. Everyone I emailed or talked to was super friendly, professional, and always willing to go the extra mile to answer any question I had. I also love the fact that they work with local bike shops all across the country. It made the process of picking up my bike quick and easy. All I had to do was show up to my local bike shop, show my receipt and ID, and I was able to ride off on my new set of 2-wheels shortly after. One last thing to note is their great warranty policy. I just found out about this today when I received an email from BBC, and it shows they really care about their customers and their satisfaction. I would recommend these bikes to anyone looking for an affordable, quality ride. I can't wait to put many more miles on my Roebling. Cheers and happy riding!

Thanks so much for sharing such thorough feedback Andrew. It is always a thrill to see our customers enjoying our bikes. -Ryan Zagata

Could not be happier

Could not be happier
I ordered the Roebling in late summer knowing I would not receive it until December, but living in Florida, I was willing to wait. Love this bike, very impressed with the quality and the buying experience -- delivered to a bike shop I could walk, where it was assembled perfectly so I could just ride it home!

Thanks for much for sharing your experience with both the bike and our Buy & Ride program. We're glad it was easy. -Ryan Zagata

Love this bike and great Customer service!

Its light, responsive and it looks great :)
Most importantly, I had an issue with the delivery of a lock and customer service was super speedy, accommodating and generous in order to help me out.

Thank you for your business and for sharing your feedback on the bike. We also appreciate you giving us an opportunity to help you sort out the delivery issue you had. -Ryan Zagata

Great affordable bike.

Bought this for my 6’ 16 yr olds son. He rides it all over the city. Loves the bike. Thank you

Thanks so much for sharing Thomas. We're glad your son is putting some good miles in on his new bike. -Ryan Zagata

Excellent bike

I used to build my own bikes. I like them solid, durable, medium in weight. This bike is all that and more. Love the bike. Love the customer service. Highly recommend.

Thanks so much for sharing Lance. We're thrilled that you're impressed by and enjoying your new commuter bike. Thanks also for acknowledging the service you received. -Ryan Zagata

1st time customer

My experience from ordering to delivery was seamless. The bike is a perfect fit. I am considering purchasing one for my husband because he is eyeing my Lorimer too closely.

Thanks so much for sharing Towanda and we're thrilled you're enjoying your new commuter bike. -Ryan Zagata

Very happy with my bike

I bought it a local store in Cambridge, MA. Very high quality bike for its price. I am very excited to use it for my commute.

Thank you for sharing Daniel. We are glad you were able to experience our partner network. -Ryan Zagata


I've been waiting for this bike since the summer and finally got it and picked it up before Christmas. At first I had to get used to how absolutely LIGHT it is, particularly considering I've only been riding the heavy New York Citibikes. I rode for 2 hours on it the first day and loved every single second of it -- I felt so hip! I CANNOT WAIT to ride it all over the city! I am 5'4 1/2 and got the medium.

Thanks so much for sharing Carol. We're thrilled you're enjoying your bike. -Ryan Zagata

Awesome for newbies and short folks

I have wanted to buy this bike since last summer, and boy, it was well worth the wait. As a 4'11" woman, it's hard to find a bike for my height in a mature style that isn't outrageously priced. It's lightweight and easy to store which is important since I live in an apartment. Look, I haven't regularly ridden a bike in years, but this bike made it so easy and intuitive. Another reviewer said it best when they said "everytime I get on I smile".

Thank you for sharing Sangeetha. This is a common theme with our Roebling and Lorimer, that it is well suited for riders on the shorter side. We're thrilled it worked out for you. -Ryan Zagata

My gift card to my son

I purchased the gift card for my son who lives in Brooklyn and is saving to purchase a bicycle from you.

Thanks for sharing Joanne. We're glad it was well received. -Ryan Zagata

Christmas gift

My future daughter-in-law was thrilled with the gift.

Thanks so much for sharing Mark. We are glad it was well received. -Ryan Zagata

Perfect Bundle

Bought as Xmas gift for myself. I am a city commuter and am using these for my crummy old bike until I purchase a Brooklyn bike. The tote is sturdy and a wonderful bonus!

Thank you for sharing Erin. -Ryan Zagata

So classic!

I love the classic lines and style of the Franklin. I get compliments on it all the time. I especially appreciate the internal gears. Low maintenance! Even the owner of the bike shop where I picked it up was impressed! That says a lot! Thanks for a great bike that's a pleasure to ride and to look at.

Thank you for sharing Bonnie. We're thrilled you're enjoying your bike. -Ryan Zagata

Bike rack review

No what I was hoping in terms of quality, one of the wood slabs was split broken right out of the package.
Very poor quality on the finish and welded seams, it was never polished”.. it has a rather unfinished look.
Oh and for future reference the screws that hold the wood to the metal should always be counter sunk,

Thanks for sharing Alejandro. We certainly wished you had reached out to us in advance of being disappointed enough to leave a non-glowing review. We handle issues like this when they arise. The wood on the crates needs to strike a fine balance between being durable but also light enough such that it's the not the source of unnecessary weight. On occasion, we have had pieces crack which is why we keep ample quantities on hand to address those rare instances. -Ryan Zagata

Awesome and Stylish

Very pleased with my new Franklin 7! It's perfect for cruising around the neighborhood with the kids.

thanks so much for sharing Chris. We're glad you're enjoying your Franklin. -Ryan Zagata

Front Rack

Great rack, quality craftsmanship and great customer service.

Thanks so much for sharing. We're thrilled you are enjoying the rack. -Ryan Zagata

Chic and Functional

Love it. Lightweight but sturdy. Perfect for cruising around the neighborhood.

Thanks so much for sharing Mary. We're thrilled you're enjoying your bike. -Ryan Zagata

Birthday present arrives!

I got this bike for my wife's birthday. With the pandemic the order was delayed but the wait was well worth it! She loves the bike. Great bike, great process. I liked that my local bike shop assembled the bike. 5 stars

So glad to hear Michael. We appreciate your patience and also appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback. -Ryan Zagata

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