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Best Christmas Present Ever for My Wife!

This bike (all of Brooklyn Bicycle's bikes) are insanely awesome. They are beautifully designed and crafted. Exceptionally comfortable ride. But, wow, the company's customer service is the shining star - you are really, truly appreciated and loved as a customer and it comes through in the attention that everyone we interacted with at Brooklyn gave to us.

Thank you so much for sharing Phil and thank you for acknowledging your experience with our team. We are thrilled your wife is enjoying her bike. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata
The perfect bike

I have enjoyed working with Brooklyn Bicycle Co. from start to finish and the bike is everything I wanted it to be. I attached a burley tandem bike for my daughter and we love biking around town together. Thank you for a comfortable, easy to ride and stylish bike!

Thank you so much for sharing Rebekka. We're thrilled you're enjoying your Willow 3. -Ryan Zagata
Quality and Style

My Wythe bike is something special, a perfect balance between quality and style. This is the first real bike I've bought and I couldn't be more impressed. It has such a smooth, unique feel that makes riding it fun and enjoyable. The staff was incredibly patent and responsive when I asked for some help. I would highly recommend purchasing a Brooklyn Bike.

Thanks so much for sharing Garrett. We are thrilled you're enjoying your new fixie bike. -Ryan Zagata
Amazing bike, some inconsistent sizing issues

This was what I wanted for my commute bike, with the fenders, chainguard and rear rack all part of the bike which is cheaper than buying them all separately. I visited a bike shop in a nearby town and though they didn't carry this exact model, they let me test out the Lorimer they had on hand. I decided that if all of the bikes were the same high quality as that Lorimer then getting a bike from Brooklyn would be a safe bet. When the bike arrived at my local bike shop, the owner who assembled the bike for me was impressed with its build quality and commented that it was a very good bike for commuting and city riding in general. He even offered to provide a free tuneup if I brought back the bike after about a month of riding even though I didn't purchase the bike from him (and I have taken him up on that tuneup, all that was needed was having all the bolts tightened again and the front fender moved a bit further away from the brakes to avoid noise while braking).

The only major issue I've had (which doesn't have anything to do with the actual build quality of the bike, by the way) is that the sizing numbers listed on the bike do not match up with the numbers listed on this website. The numbers for the Large size listed on the website says 66 to 75 inches. However the sticker on the bike clearly indicates that it is a Large size meant for 5'8" and above (68 inches). Having tried a Large Lorimer and checking the height and inseam measurements between both the Willow and the Lorrimer I was not expecting any sizing issues. I am 5'7" (67 inches) and the seat was too tall for me. I can only get on the bike without jumping by removing the rear reflector and moving the seat all the way down to the bottom. If I was even an inch shorter this bike would be completely too large for me to get on. If I had known this beforehand I would have purchased an S/M sized bike. Other than that I have no issues with the bike.

Thanks so much for sharing Devin. We are glad you're enjoying your Willow. Size as it's a combination of height and inseam. We try to provide some fairly accurate generalizations based on our experience but also encourage anyone with questions to reach out and consult with us. Thanks again Devin. -Ryan Zagata
wife christmas

Bought this bike for my wife for Christmas for her personal riding and pulling baby cart. She loves it feels very high quality

Thanks so much for sharing Joshua. We are glad she is enjoying her new commuter bike. -Ryan Zagata

Awesome bike. Fast, light and stylish.

Thanks for sharing Michael. -Ryan Zagata
Lovely Bicycle

Great looking bike that is well built. Super fast shipping and delivery. So nice I did not have to put it together and that it was done at a local bike shop. Unfortunately I am in Maine and right now it is snowy and cold. Looking forward to Spring for some cruising!

Thanks so much for sharing Kimberly. Spring will be here soon enough and you'll be out enjoying your new cruiser bike. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata
Form over function, but the function is still pretty good (for casual riding).

Overall, it really is a great bike. This is a bike that has style first and foremost. I commute to work 3 miles each way on a green way. The path is flat and well maintained (mostly through parks). The Driggs 3 is exactly the sort of bike for this commute. It is well constructed and surprisingly light. I would not characterize this bike as nimble. Neither would I describe it as aggressive. It is smooth; elegant. Think: sailboat. It does not stop or start quickly. It is not a curb hopper. If you're riding in traffic or riding on less forgiving paths, you might choose a different ride. To get to the grocery, I need to navigate among cars and across a variety of unforgiving paths. For that, I'll stick to my old mtn bike hybrid. Proposed changes: 1. The pedals are pretty, but lack teeth (literally - your shoes will slip off). 2. The seat is not comfortable. Given the nature of this bike, a comfy seat is in order. 3. I will be swapping out the handlebar stem. Given the swept handlebars (which are awesome), I think it needs a stem that has less of a forward placement. 4. The brake pads are simply too small. I'll be swapping them out for more contemporary pads with better braking power. I do, however, recommend this bike (with some possible component swaps). Good value. Good components. Great frame. Excellent style.

Thanks so much for sharing such a thorough review David. You're spot on that the Driggs is our resident head turner and for daily commuting we are often encouraging folks to consider our Roebling commuter bike. Every rider has a different anatomy so things like saddle & stem are challenging components to nail down such that every rider finds them immensely comfortable. Thankfully those are both easy components to swap out with your bike shop. Thanks again David. -Ryan Zagata
Simply great for everyday NYC use.

Bike is simple, light, and versatile. The look is low-profile, but the performance is that of a much more expensive, high-end brand racing bike. For biking around NYC, I am super grateful to have a bike that rides just as nice as some of my more expensive bikes, but won't be subject to gawkers or bike thiefs.

Thanks so much for sharing Richard. The Roebling is our most popular commuter bike so we're glad you're able to put it through its paces. -Ryan Zagata
Christmas Present for my Wife

My wife was so thrilled with her new bike. My son even gave her the box to go on the back of it. She wanted a commute bike, and as soon as holiday break is over, she will give it a go. She has taken it out everyday and loves it. She is 5’-9” and the large Willow 3 fits perfectly. She loves the color too. Since I did the purchase, I can say without a doubt that the service is awesome. The whole process was very easy, and picking it up at the local bike shop all put together is a fantastic service. I am completely happy with all that Brooklyn Bicycle Co has to offer. Thanks!

Thank you for sharing and for the kind words Loren. We're thrilled your wife enjoyed the gift. -Ryan Zagata
Best Christmas Ever❤️

I got this bike from my fiancé as a Christmas present. He knew that I had been wanting this bike because it’s one of the only ones out there sized perfectly for me (5’1). First ride I went 15 miles and it was amazing. I’m also so glad that I got one of the ones with the original crests and that fully spell out Brooklyn instead of just BK.

Thank you for sharing Amber. What a fun Christmas gift! We're thrilled you're enjoying your Franklin 3. It sounds like you're already putting it through the paces. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata
Awesome Bicycle

First of all, everyone at Brooklyn Bicycle Co has been super friendly and helpful. My daughter loves her Willow 3. It is well made and stylish. Pictures don’t do it justice. Even the person who assembled the bike commented on what a nice bike and how well made it is. Brooklyn Bicycle Co made everything easy. I will definitely buy another bike from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Thank You!!!

Thank you Barry. We are thrilled that your daughter enjoyed her bike and we appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback. -Ryan Zagata
Fantastic Service

I've never ordered a bike on line. It was honestly seamless with outstanding customer communication throughout the order, shipping and assembly process. This is what customer service is supposed to be like!

Thanks so much for sharing Darrell. We truly appreciate you acknowledging the service you had with our Company. -Ryan Zagata
Love my bike!

I hadn’t ridden a bike in years and have been shopping around for a couple of months. This bike is perfect! Beautiful design and color (I got the matte coral). I took it out for my first ride today - the seat is very comfortable and it handles well. The whole buying process was so easy too - I loved being able to just pick up my bike fully assembled!

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback and for the stunning photo. We're thrilled you're enjoying your new cruiser bike. -Ryan Zagata
Great rack, not weather resistant.

I love the rack. It looks great on my bike, and is great for carrying extra things. However the finish on the wood is not very weather resistant. After only a couple of rides in rain and snow, the finish is starting to flake off.

Thanks for sharing Bryan - we are big advocates of hitting our rear crate and front carrier with a generous coat of lacquer to protect the wood. While they are coated at the factory, organic materials such as wood and leather will ultimately break down if not protected from the elements. Thanks again for sharing. -Ryan Zagata
Learned to ride for this bike

I love my Lorimer! I learned how to ride just to use this bike for my daily 7 mile commute to work. Perfect for the versatile terrain of the Bay Area and so much better than getting on the bus.

Thanks so much for sharing Yeymi. Our Lorimer is mighty popular here with our team as well - we're glad it got you riding. -Ryan Zagata
Really fun and the 3 speed was a great choice

I'm really enjoying the bike, it's comfortable and fun to ride, not to mention the great looks. Having the simplicity of just the three gears is perfect, although I found after a few weeks I was spending nearly all my time in top gear. The default gear configuration is 42 teeth on the crank, 20 on the rear sprocket. I found, at least for the mostly flat area I ride in, this was too low, so I purchased a 18t rear sprocket, which gives you just a little bit higher ratios across the board. I think I would also even be comfortable going as far as 42/16. At 42/18 now I spend most of the time in 2nd gear, pop up to 3rd for top speed, and still only very rarely down to 1st for the steepest of hills. Anyway -- just my thoughts, I love the bike even more at 42/18! Thanks.

Thanks for sharing Adam. You've stumbled upon one of the best and easiest adjustments one can make to alter the overall gearing range for a bike. We often recommend changing out the freewheel if a customer suggests the gearing is too easy or too challenging (think San Francisco). -Ryan Zagata
Comments everytime I ride it!

Every time I ride my bike here in Manhattan, I get great comments from 'Nice Bike' to 'Looks Italian'. I own three bikes (I commute to work on Bike) and 99% of the time I use my Bedford 3 speed.
It rides great, smooth, it's light and very comfortable. Several fellow bikers have purchased one after testing mine.
'Perfect Commuter"

Thanks so much for sharing Robert. We're glad you're getting some great use out of your Bedford. -Ryan Zagata
Super Cute

I ordered the Franklin in hopes to use it as my commuter here in Dallas. I love the frame style and the SeaGlass color is amazing. However, my commute is 14 miles each way with a few moderate hills, and the gearing range on the Franklin 7 was just not robust enough. I was very sad because it's so pretty and the added rear rack made it so much easier than wearing a heavy backpack (especially in the summer). Reluctantly, I had to exchange it and am waiting patiently for my replacement to arrive, which is the Roebling.

Thanks so much for sharing Laura. We love the Franklin 7 but as you suggest, it's not the perfect answer to every commute. The Roebling is the exact model we would have suggested so we're thrilled you landed on that. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata
Amazing !! Love my new wheels

Large is a good size and frame for someone who is 5’ 10” or taller.

Thanks so much for sharing Chintan. We're glad you're enjoying your Bedford 3. -Ryan Zagata
Style and Substance

My Wythe is the perfect marriage of style and substance. I've used it every day on my office commute since I got it home and couldn’t be happier. Beautiful looking bike with an equally smooth ride.
Can't forget to mention how incredibly attentive Ryan and the staff were throughout the process. First class experience from beginning to end.

Thanks so much for sharing Fitz. We're glad you're enjoying your Wythe. -Ryan Zagata
Great lock, If size matters. Even if it doesn’t.

I had too many bikes stolen when using inferior locks. I now double my bike with 2 U locks. But for those rare occasions where it’s a quick trip to the store, this is a great lock. Lightweight and easily placed into pocket or backpack. I rarely use the cable due to my other U lock. 5 stars. Huh

Well said Mike. Thanks for sharing your feedback. -Ryan Zagata

I've never commuted by bike to work before and am super cautious when diving into something new. So I did my research and Brooklyn Bicycle kept coming up. I loved the design and the price. The Lorimer was perfect for me living in the city as it is able to ride well on the streets as well as the trails with ease. It did take a little longer than I anticipated for the bike to arrive but the customer service responded quickly with updates when it was late. Overall it's a beautiful bike that makes riding to work everyday a pleasure. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a bike. My husband likes my bike so much he'll probably get one too!

Thank you so much for sharing Veronica. We are thrilled you're enjoying your new Lorimer. -Ryan Zagata
It's sick

I love my bike! It's well designed, well built, and comfortable. Perfect for city riding. It also weighs a lot less than I expected which is super handy.

Thanks so much for sharing Peter. We're glad you're enjoying your Roebling commuter bike. -Ryan Zagata
Stylish, Speedy, Comfortable Bike

I've had my Roebling for one week now, and I absolutely love it. The bike is stylish, fast, and REALLY comfortable. I ride around 15 miles a day, I feel great on this bike, and look for excuses to ride it more. I added a back rack and fenders to make the bike more versatile, which is another plus. I can't recommend the Roebling enough. A high quality bike at an excellent price point.
Also, the team at Brooklyn Bicycle Co was very supportive and answered all my many questions. The buy and ride program made getting my bike very easy, and it gave me a chance to get introduced with the coolest, least pretentious bike shop in my city.

Thanks for sharing Dan. We're thrilled that you're enjoying your Roebling and also appreciate you acknowledging your experience with Broadway Bicycle School. They're a tremendous partner for us up in Boston. -Ryan Zagata


What Are the Differences Between the Franklin and Willow Step-through Models?

Looking at the Franklin and Willow, but not quite sure how the models compare? No worries – we get this question a lot, so we’ve put together a quick rundown on what sets these models apart!


#TLDR (AKA Too Long Didn't Read)? Here's a Quick Summary:





This is probably the most notable difference between our step-through models. With the Willow featuring our Swept-Back Handlebars. This means a much more upright (European-style) riding position (think sitting in a chair) that is well suited for leisurely riding.

The Franklin models feature our Relaxed Ride Handlebars, which are slightly more aggressive and ideal for both commuting and leisurely weekend rides.



The Willow comes with cream tires, whereas the Franklin sports black tires. Do note that regardless of color, all our tires offer an added layer of puncture resistance.



The Willow is our premium model and includes a rear carrier, as well as an upgraded sprung saddle and grip set from Selle Royal’s Royalgel™ line.

The Franklin features Selle Royal Vegan Leather saddle and grips. Please note that this bike does not come with a rear carrier. If you would like to purchase a rear carrier for this model, you will need a 26” carrier for the S/M Franklin and a 700C carrier for the Large Franklin model.

Both models come with color matched fenders and chainguard, as well as a kickstand.



As our signature model, the Willow has a few additional premium features including a rust-prohibitive coating on the chain and internal gearing resulting in less maintenance and more riding.

The Franklin 3 model includes internal gearing (just like the Willow), whereas the Franklin 7 has an external 7-Speed derailleur.



On a more technical note – the geometry on both frames is identical, however the Franklin and Willow models are made from different materials. Are you currently thinking “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BIKES!!”? Do not fret – we totally get it! Take a breath and read on…

The Willow frame is made with double-butted 4130 Chromoly Steel. We use a stronger grade of steel, which allows us to use thinner tubing resulting in a lighter frame.

The Franklin frame is crafted with specially engineered high-tensile steel. What does this mean? We are able to offer a similar bike of a more moderate price point. Our Franklin model is the most economical step-through model in our portfolio of bikes (as well as a team favorite)!

Still have questions on sizing (or anything else)? Email us or schedule a concierge call with our team. We’d love to help!


Don’t forget: All of our bikes include Free Shipping & Professional Assembly.