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Willow 3 Speed
Michelle (Evanston, US)
Beautiful bike!

I got a black, 3 Speed Willow. It is a beautiful bike. I use it to commute everyday, it is very comfortable and easy to handle. I am very happy with my purchase.

Thank you for sharing your photo and feedback on your Willow 3. -Ryan Zagata

Swept Back Handlebars
John Sofra (Westerville, US)
Just what she was looking for!!

The bars were very easy to install, no need to take to the bike shop, just took it slow and easy. Picked up all metric specific tools. My wife and I tried them and it really allows for an upright ride, great bike control, and removes all spine pressure. I think I am going to purchase the bars for my bike as well. Highly recommended and price is right!

Thanks so much for sharing John. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Michal Abraham (Brooklyn, US)
Excellent product and super service!

I wish to thank Brooklyn Bicycle Co for their outstanding customer service. I had a very informative discussion prior to buying the Franklyn 8 Speed. Both, my husband and I enjoy riding these wonderful bikes. Excellent product and super service!

Thank you for sharing Michael. We appreciate your business and making the extra effort to acknowledge your experience with our team in addition to the bike. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Anonymous (Plano, US)
A winner

This is the second bike I purchased from Brooklyn Bicycle Company. The first one was a Roebling. I am very pleased with this purchase. The Franklin 8 Speed in ivory is an elegant-looking bike that rides very well and is comfortable. The customer service was very helpful in selecting the right bike. The shop assembling the bike was equally professional. I highly recommend the company to anyone in the market for a high-quality bike at a reasonable price.

Thanks for the repeat business Lutz. We're honored to have you back for a 2nd bike. -Ryan Zagata

Nantucket Lightship Basket
Mary Graham (Brewster, US)

Great roomy basket for my Pack It lunch bag and water bottle! Easy to take off and on for travel. Very happy with this basket!

Thanks for sharing Mary. -Ryan Zagata

Willow 3 Speed
Mary Graham (Brewster, US)
Great bike

I’ve taken my Willow 3 out a few times on a rail trail and love it! It’s a smooth ride with a comfortable seat. Very happy with this bike.
It’s great getting out with other Brooklyn bike owners.
Here is a picture of our BB’s-Bedford, Franklin and Willow!

Thanks for sharing Mary and for your continued business. We love seeing all of those bikes. -Ryan Zagata

Driggs 3 Speed
Ted Gale (Tampa, US)
One Beautiful Machine

I love the Driggs 3.

First: A wonderfully smooth ride, with a very comfortable riding position. This is an ideal bicycle for what I intend to use it for . . . long rides on our local recreational trails. I had thought of holding out for the seven-speed version, but, since our local dealer had the three-speed in stock, I felt (after testing it) that the range was fine, and I could be very happy with fewer intervals within that range (this is Florida, after all). The seat is perfect, and I was tickled that it came with the rear rack for panniers, etc. Plenty of points to add other accessories for longer trips as well.

I just picked it up two nights ago, and have had it exactly twice . . . each time, it has caught someone’s attention (it does have a distinctive look). But, of course, it isn’t about the look so much as this: this bike sets out to do a particular thing, and does it beautifully.

When I started looking for a new bike a few months ago, I wasn’t thinking about something like this at all. Then I read some of Grant Peterson’s work, and started re-thinking my entire approach. It inspired me to keep my 1989 Jamis mountain bike to adapt for gravel riding, and to look at steel-frame “urban” bikes for the in-town stuff. When I saw that Peterson had had a hand in the design of the Driggs, I knew I had to check it out. The Driggs 3 will be my primary day to day bike—something that will be tremendous fun to get out and ride right out the door. I am looking forward to using it for many years.

Thanks so much for sharing such a thorough review Ted. Grant played a big part in the geometry of that model and his ethos is evident in many of our models. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata

Downtown Bike Lights
Steve (Denver, US)
$20 for a little extra safety and peace of mind

I've recommended the Downtown lights to everyone, and my only caveat now is that the Uptown set is much brighter, rechargeable, and only $5 more. But the Downtowns are still awesome lights in their own right. They almost disappear on the steering tube or seat post, so if you prefer a clean-looking bike, these will get the job done. And the straps are solid yet easy to put on and take off, so if you're locking your bike up in a high-risk area, you can slip them off and into your pocket until you return. As a simple comparison, the Uptown lights appear to win in most every category, but sometimes Downtown is where it's happening, so you can't go wrong either way.
Pictured: Downtown headlight on a Driggs 3

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. -Ryan Zagata

Solid light at a solid price

I bought this set for a new bike, but at the same time was shopping around for lights for my kid's school commuter bike. Now I wish the lights on my other bikes would "accidentally" fall off so I can replace them all with this set. For starters, they're crazy-bright, and probably the brightest I've ever seen at this price point. All of the rechargeable (USB) lights with at least 9 hours of run time started at $40 at the big box stores (and, to my uncalibrated eyeballs, the Uptown lights were brighter than everything in the $40-60 price range). Also important, the clip and mounting straps are rock solid. The clip has a rubber coating that makes it non-slip, so I feel confident using the mounting tabs on my backpack without worrying about a pothole sending the light flying. If you are mounting it to a tube or bike rack, the silicone straps are beefy and provide a tight grip.

Pros: • brightness • price point • construction and manufacturing • waterproof • adjustable mounting system • run-time of 9 hours in blinking mode

Cons: • If you are mounting the lights to a bike rack with very skinny tubing, the straps will hold the light in place but it might jostle around if you're riding rough roads. You're not going to lose the light, but you might have to re-aim it from time to time. I'm thinking maybe some plumber's tape on the rack might give the mounting straps a little more bite. Also, it would be nice if more lights had a permanent attachment option, but everything seems to be clips and straps these days.

Thanks so much for sharing. These lights are proving to be a customer favorite. -Ryan Zagata

Willow 3 Speed
Emily (Smyrna, US)
Beautiful bike but not a good fit for us.

Our Willows were beautiful and well made, with lots of special details, but ultimately this three speed bike didn't meet our needs. I had contacted BB to find out if the Willow would be a good fit for our family. We were looking for step-through bikes that could be used to tow our kiddos behind us on a tagalong bike and a WeeHoo Turbo. The company said this biked was their model most used for towing kids. Unfortunately, it wasn't adequate for our needs. I found the tires to be too small and three speeds not enough. It felt like I was spinning my wheels or pushing against a cement block. I REALLY wanted to like this bike. I think if it were just me on a pleasure ride it would be great. Brooklyn Bikes' customer service was excellent, though. They dealt with the local bike shop to handle our return, and even refunded our money (less the restocking/return fee) before they even received the bikes (our local shop was so busy they hadn't boxed the bikes in two weeks). I felt like that really went above and beyond. So thank you for your outstanding customer service. I would recommend Brooklyn Bikes to anyone looking for a beautiful bike for a solo ride.

Thanks so much for sharing Emily and I'm sorry the gearing wasn't suitable for your specific needs. -Ryan Zagata

Driggs 3 Speed
Tom Graber (Murfreesboro, US)
Wants one since Amsterdam

I was super fortunate as am American to travel to Amsterdam for business an fell in love with the bike culture. The next business trip brought me to NY and I saw the Drifggs in action and lusted after it. I showed interest in the bike and the CEO personally reached out and I was blown away. I live in the Nashville Metro area and the bike was assembled by passionate, talented local bike shop owners. It was an awesome experience and they fine tuned it to my needs. Every where I ride this bike, I get stopped and asked about this bike, and I am so happy to tell thie story. This bike is exactly what I needed and the experience is unsurpassed. The secret mojo that Brooklyn Bicyscke brings brings the joy I have not felt since a kid. I believe I needed Brooklyn Bicycles more than they needed me, wnd I am so cool with that.

Thanks so much for your kind words Tom. We are honored to have you as a customer. -Ryan Zagata

Willow 3 Speed
Sarah Ballard (Houston, US)
Love My Willow 3 Speed

I love my Willow 3 speed bike! I ordered from Brooklyn Bikes and they shipped to a local bike dealer to be put together. The whole process was easy and they worked with me to make sure the
bike shop to which the bike was shipped, was in close proximity to my home. My husband and I RV a lot and spend time in state parks. We like to ride the trails. My Willow 3 speed has handled those trials great. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Thank you for much for sharing Sarah. We are thrilled that your experience was seamless and that you're enjoying your Willow 3. -Ryan Zagata

S.C. (Sharon, US)
Love my Lorimer

One of my best purchases of all time. My Lorimer bicycle is a classic beauty. I’m just shy of 5’2 and the medium is a great fit for me. I’ve had other pretty bicycles before but the combination of simple yet thoughtful design, its light weight, and the ease of purchase make this one my favorite so far. Even after adding a rack and fenders, it’s still easy for me to carry and maneuver the bike. Though I’m more used to step throughs, after the first one or two rides I am now very comfortable mounting and dismounting it. The gears make the hills near my house surmountable, even for someone who’s not a seasoned cyclist. The only problem is now I’m obsessed with this company and I’m eying the blue or black Willow…

Thanks so much for sharing Sofiya. We are thrilled that you are enjoying your commuter bike. We've got a black Willow with your name on it. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Eric Ziebold (Alexandria, US)

Very happy with my new bicycle.

Thank you for sharing Eric. -Ryan Zagata

Willow 3 Speed
Haosai Wang (Hudson, US)
Very Nice Bike

It is very easy to ride and I love the look.

Thank you for sharing Haosai - we are thrilled you are enjoying your Willow 3. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
C.Smith (Winterville, US)
It's Perfect!

I love it so much!! It's beautiful, changes gears very well and has such a smooth ride! It came right on schedule and was a breeze to purchase. Their customer service is beyond what I was expecting; I am very pleased with my purchase!

Thank you for sharing your feedback and this photo. We appreciate your business and we're glad you're enjoying your bike. - Ryan Zagata

Lutz Kilian (Plano, US)
Highly recommended

The Roebling is everything one would expect from a quality bike. It glides along and the gears are smooth and facilitate riding in hilly terrain. I selected the large bike frame for my near 6 ft height, which proved the right decision. The seat is suprisingly comfortable. I had the handlebars raised at the bike shop, which allows for a much more comfortable upright riding position. The bike is worth the money it costs. My interaction with Brooklyn bicycle company and with the local bike shop that assembled the bike has been exemplary.

Thanks so much for sharing Lutz. We are thrilled you're enjoying your Roebling commuter bike. -Ryan Zagata

Willow 3 Speed
Catherine Haran (Deer Isle, US)
Easygoing and beautiful

I love my new bicycle , it is what I hoped for. It is taking me a while to get used to riding again at 74 after about 40 years of not riding. Muscles are not (yet )in tune with the demand.. with only 3 gears, muscle demand can be fierce, and, a goal to aim to fulfill

Thanks so much for sharing Catherine. We're thrilled you're loving your bike. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Angie E. (Easton, US)
Beautiful bike, easy ordering

I was a little nervous about ordering a bike online, but I decided to give it a shot based on the positive reviews. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and quick the process was from ordering it to picking it up at my local bike shop. The Franklin 8 Speed looks and feels amazing. It is pure quality, through and through. Picking it up at my local shop introduced me to a great group of bicycle experts, which was an added bonus.

Thank you for sharing Angie and thanks also for sharing your experience with your local shop. Our partners are such an integral part of the experience that we love hearing feedback. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata

Willow 3 Speed
MJ (Fort Collins, US)
Smooth city cruiser

Bought this Willow 3 speed for my wife. She loves it. Smooth ride, comfy. Fits her well (5' 3", got a small). No complaints.

Thanks so much for sharing MJ. We appreciate you sharing your feedback. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Marcia Leithauser (Ardmore, US)
Gorgeous, fun and functional

I feel like I'm riding a white steed in a fairy tale.

Thanks for sharing Marcia. We're thrilled you're enjoying your white steed. - Ryan Zagata

Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser
Elizabeth Turnbull (Cincinnati, US)
Thrilled With My Cruiser!

Love this bike! My Brighton Cruiser is the most comfortable ride of any bike I've tried and great looking to boot. It's perfect for urban cruising around my very hilly city. An easy and seamless experience from purchase thru local assembly. Chalk me up as one happy customer!

Thank you for sharing Elizabeth. We are really excited that you're tackling the hills with your new cruiser bike. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Aishwarya Rai (Piscataway, US)
Makes me smile every time I see it

The bike provides a smooth ride and I genuinely look forward to using it. Unlike some bikes I've owned in the past, this one is just as much a joy to look at as it is to ride, I'm so glad I chose it.

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and your photo. We are truly thrilled that you're enjoying Franklin 8 city bike. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Yuchi Jou (Watertown, US)
Fall in love with my Franklin 8 Speed!

I’m so glad to purchase this Franklin 8 Speed because after I rode my bike, I realized there are a lot of small hills around my neighborhood. I can easily ride my bike and do some small errands too! The bike is stylish and it is exactly what I wanted (like European style). The handlebars are very comfy and I don’t have to bend down my shoulders. I’m 5”2 and went with S/M size! It’s lovely!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback Yuchi. We're thrilled you got 8-speed to tackle those hills. -Ryan Zagata

Driggs 7 Speed
Daniel Kloeffler (New York, US)
Buy one for the whole family! (family optional)

From the customer service to the delivery to the craftsmanship, everything is top-notch. It makes me want to start a family just to ride Von Trapp-style with everyone on a Brooklyn Bicycle.

We're in Daniel! Thanks for the business and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. -Ryan Zagata