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Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Reviews

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Uptown USB Rechargeable Bike Lights
Amaka Johnson (Tucson, US)

Good quality product. Very useful during evening commute. My only regret is that it doesn’t provide much light into the road ahead, but overall, works. Good product. Would recommend

Thanks for sharing Amaka. There are two types of bikes lights - ones for lighting the road ahead of you (think headlights on a car) and ones for being seen by others (think running and parking lights when your car is on) - these lights, are designed to make you very visible to drivers. While the front light does provide some light in front of you, there are also very specific lights designed to light the road ahead of you. -Ryan Zagata

City Bike Helmet by Thousand
Amaka Johnson (Tucson, US)

I like it. It looks and feels good. My favorite feature is the hole you can weave your security cable through.

Great photo! We are glad you're enjoying your helmet. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Amaka Johnson (Tucson, US)

Perfect ride! In love all day every day

Thank you so much for sharing Amaka - love the photo also. We are thrilled you're enjoying your bike. -Ryan Zagata

Husband loves his new bike

Feels solid, comfortable and easy to ride. Picking up the bike from the local bike store was quick and easy. What more could I ask for?

Thanks so much for sharing. We're glad your husband is enjoying his bike and that you had a seamless experience. -Ryan Zagata

Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser
Terri Caldwell (Lubbock, US)
She loves it!!!!

My adult daughter researched the most comfortable bicycles and told me about
Brooklyn bicycles - her dad and I purchased it for her for Christmas and she absolutely loves it!!!!!

Thanks for sharing Terri. We're glad it was a hit. -Ryan Zagata

Handcrafted Wooden Bike Crate
Marc Murphy (Charleston, US)
Great product.

Really cool design and very functional. Great customer support and response.

Thanks Marc. We're thrilled you're enjoying the crate and that you had a great experience with our team. -Ryan Zagata

Willow 3 Speed
Lanie Nguyen (Carrollton, US)
Great bike to ride

Of course, it’s a great bike with an expensive purchase! I ordered 2 bikes, but one wrong size, blue one no more small size. They don’t let us exchange! And we had a little issue, but working out! So far we love to ride them!

Thank you for sharing Lanie. I am glad we were able to to work through the issue we had. With sizing, we can do exchanges but because we have incurred costs to ship and assemble the bike, we do have a restock fee to disassemble and return the bike. -Ryan Zagata

Commuter Bundle
Drew Francis (Brooklyn, US)
Commuter Bundle

I really am impressed with the quality, durability, and brightness of the lights. The bell also is great, it has a really pleasant sound while being loud!

Thank you Drew. We're thrilled the commuter bundle has been a hit with our customers! -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Drew Francis (Brooklyn, US)
Smooth and Graceful

Not only is it an exceptional ride, I receive compliments every single time I ride it. The craftsmanship is excellent and the bike is just plain beautiful and everyone notices.

Thanks for sharing and acknowledging the craftsmanship. Enjoy! -Ryan Zagata

Willow 3 Speed
Adrian (Belmont, US)
Why did I wait so long to get an upright bike?

I got the Willow 3 speed to replace my aging daily bike, which was a 10 year old hybrid. I live in an area with very mild and short hills, so I figured 3 speeds should be enough. They are, but I wish gear inches were included in the specs sheet. For anything like groceries (two panniers) or pulling a Burley kid trailer, it's been great.
A few observations:
- I'm a 5'9 male, the large frame fits well. Handling is very smooth and stable, both at low and high speed, with and without rear weight, really liking how this bike rides. Looking back, of course it's more comfortable to ride on a step through frame and to have a kick stand.
- I replaced the rear rack with something more sturdy, the one that came with the bike is fine for lighter weights but I regularly carry 20 lb of groceries in two panniers. Super easy to swap the rear rack. The fenders seem to work just fine. The saddle it comes with is fine, but I upgraded to a Brooks B67 that I had from before, and it really suits the bike both functionally and in style
- Wondering why it comes with caliper brakes instead of V-brakes, but they work well enough
- Not specific to the Willow, but very large panniers may interfere with the "bell crank", the piece that sticks out on the right side of the rear hub to shift gears

Thanks so much for sharing Adrian. We are thrilled you're loving your Willow 3 Step-through! -Ryan Zagata

A great commuter!

I’m loving this bike. I needed something to get around my neighborhood and especially something that I wouldn’t need to change clothes for. The step through, fenders, eight speed, and kickstand all fit the bill now just need a basket to finish it up! Also love that they partner with a local small business!!

Thanks Kate. We are thrilled you are enjoying your Franklin. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Geoffrey Hinkle (Garland, US)

Love the bike price was OK but you got to pay for quality the bike shop in dallas was great and the owner set me up with finders and rack free adjustments and was able to maintain the bike

Thank you for sharing Geoffrey. We're thrilled that you're enjoying your Bedford. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Beth (Cambridge, US)
Cute bike, smooth ride

I got the Franklin bike in red. The bike is so cute. I love the leather handles and seat, the shiny coat of paint, and rims of the wheels. The ride is super smooth. Switching gears is a breeze, and I can bike up the hills a little more easily than on my old used bike. Excited to keep riding!

Thank you for sharing Beth. We are glad you're enjoying your Franklin 8. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
Deborah Gardner (Charlotte, US)
Love the bike!

It is a beautiful bike- giving as Christmas/ Birthday gift to my son -in-law- he is a professor and wants to ride to work!
It was easy order, price is good and the fact is was assembled in town for us to pick up was so convenient!

Thank you so much for sharing Deborah. What a fun gift to receive! -Ryan Zagata

Driggs 7 Speed
J.M. (Queens, US)
Driggs 7 is now my favorite bike

I have never owned an upright bike like Driggs, and was skeptical but after reading the reviews, decided to give it a try. I commute to work and was looking for something that I could join the rotation with my other bikes. Now, I hardly ever ride another bike to work, or to run errands. I usually reach for my Driggs, and it has never failed me. The internal gear hub is especially useful when riding on streets where you need to make a lot of stops, sometimes quite quickly. In addition to commuting work, I ride Driggs for everything: biking around the neighborhood, going to the farmer’s market, and running errands. All types and brands of bags fit nicely on the back rack, and I have carried $300 worth of groceries several times. The bike is incredibly fun to ride, durable, and looks fantastic. I subbed a black Brooks saddle and NS pedals but saved the original components (of course). I am so impressed with the Brooklyn quality and brand, I just bought two more bikes — a Bedford 8 speed for me, and Roebling for my wife. I can’t wait for her to experience riding a Brooklyn.

Thanks for the abundance of kind words Jill. We appreciate your continued business and love reading about your enthusiasm for cycling. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Hayden Scarnato
If you’re on the fence, come on over.

I cannot be happier with this bike. It’s fast yet durable and incredibly smooth. It has everything I was looking for to get around town.

Thanks for the clever review to help nudge those on the fence. We are glad to learn you're enjoying your Bedford. - Ryan Zagata

Uptown USB Rechargeable Bike Lights
Customer (Brooklyn, US)
Great but malfunction

I bought this set, and I was really excited about them! They are very bright, and I love that I can charge them with the USB easily. Unfortunately, the red light will randomly turn off in the middle of my ride. I'll turn it back on and within a minute, it shuts off again even after a full charge.

Thanks so much for sharing. It sounds like you may have received a faulty light but I do see the team has already rectified this with you separately. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata

Willow 3 Speed
Lisa (Springfield, US)
Wonderful bike

I am an avid Bicyclist from North Germany, where "we" bike like in the Netherlands. The reason i got the willow was to get a bike that is very similar to the dutch Omafiets. I am not disappointed. It is a wonderful bike. I like the very upright riding position as well as the 3 speeds and the protector around the chain. And of course the front basket. the 3 speeds make sure that iam warming my muscles and do some workout. There is only one thing that could make me even happier and that would be coaster brakes. Coaster brakes are much safer and require almost no physical force. They work in any weather and they are just very intuitive. I know that is a lot to ask as they seem to be for children's bikes only in the US. But it could be a very way to make bikes safer for elderly people.
if you ever get a willow with coaster brakes let me know. But that is the only caveat and a very minor one, to my new bike. Now i am out and about after 15 years of being without a bike. It is wonderful

Thank you for sharing Lisa. We are thrilled you're enjoying your Willow 3. We used to produce this bike with a coaster brake but it was not incredibly popular here in the States. -Ryan Zagata

Alessio LoBello (Downers Grove, US)
The Perfect All-Rounder!

The Roebling is great for any terrain and creates an amazing riding experience. It is super light and perfect for small inclines. This is my first full size bike and is the perfect intro to long bike rides. It makes me want to go on bike rides every day.

Thanks so much for sharing Alessio. We're thrilled you're enjoying your commuter bike. The Roebling is one of our team's favorites so you're in great hands on that steed. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata

Jonathan Gamboa (Brooklyn, US)
Amazing all around bike

I needed a quality all around bike. The Roebling was my first brand new bike purchase. I couldn't be happier. Love the build quality. The bike shop that my Roebling was sent to be built did an outstanding job. Wanted to buy this bike during the Pandemic, but was sold out quickly. Took a year, but finally have it. Definitely make sure you try on the bike for sizing. I wanted a large thinking the medium would be too small, but of course it was a perfect fit when I actually sat on it in person.

Thanks so much for sharing Jonathan. Roebling is one of our team's favorite models so we're glad you're enjoying and we're glad you had a great experience with our partner shop. -Ryan Zagata

Handcrafted Wooden Bike Crate
Ben R (Port Jefferson, US)
Love it

The mounting mechanism didn’t quite fit on my type of rack. But I liked the crate so much that I just figured I’d use some zip ties through the bottom slats. It’s pretty solidly attached and the zip ties are nearly invisible. I also spray lacquered the crate…will see how it holds up. So far so good!

Thanks for taking the time to share Ben. As you might imagine, with the wide variety of racks available on the market, we make an effort to easily fit on as many types of racks as possible but it ultimately comes down to the thickness and width of the rack. Thanks for sharing this awesome photo. -Ryan Zagata

Downtown Bike Lights
jacob case (Brooklyn, US)
Durable, easy, fun lights

These lights are very easy to clip on anywhere on your bike, the steering bar or the seat bar, wherever you prefer. I would recommend the uptown for just a little more given they are rechargeable and brighter. If you want a great value option this is definitely the one!

Thanks so much for sharing Jacob. We're thrilled the lights are delivering on their promise. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Michael (Williamsburg, US)
Excellent bike.

I'm very satisfied with my purchase. The bike fits me perfectly and is comfortable. But it also begs to be ridden fast. Whoever designed the frame knew exactly what they were doing. Outstanding customer service as well. Can't ask for more.

Thanks so much for sharing Michael. We're thrilled you're loving your new Bedford 8 City Bike. -Ryan Zagata

Willow 3 Speed
Michelle (Evanston, US)
Beautiful bike!

I got a black, 3 Speed Willow. It is a beautiful bike. I use it to commute everyday, it is very comfortable and easy to handle. I am very happy with my purchase.

Thank you for sharing your photo and feedback on your Willow 3. -Ryan Zagata

Swept Back Handlebars
John Sofra (Westerville, US)
Just what she was looking for!!

The bars were very easy to install, no need to take to the bike shop, just took it slow and easy. Picked up all metric specific tools. My wife and I tried them and it really allows for an upright ride, great bike control, and removes all spine pressure. I think I am going to purchase the bars for my bike as well. Highly recommended and price is right!

Thanks so much for sharing John. -Ryan Zagata