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Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Reviews

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Rear Carrier
John Stislow (Brooklyn, US)

We're quite happy with my wife's Brooklyn Bicycle. It was then an easy jump to any of their accessories. Quality item. Arrived faster than expected and well in time for Mother's Day. The bolts that came with it were a little long, but unprompted, Brooklyn sent shorter bolts which addresses the long bolt that gets in the was of the highest rear gear cog.

Thanks for sharing John. We are thrilled your wife is enjoying her bike & rear carrier. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Marybeth Spath (Brooklyn, US)

Absolutely love the bike. It is a joy to ride.

Thank me so much for sharing Marybeth. We are glad to learn you’re enjoying your bike. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Z.F. (Gresham, US)
Sweet ride

Cool bike, I’ll be riding it around town all summer and for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for sharing Zeb. We are glad to learn you are enjoying your Franklin. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Lisa (Chicago, US)
Casual, Lightweight Workhorse

I've had this bike for almost a year now and have put a lot of small local trips on it.

Pros: Handlebar shifting mechanism is intuitive, the bike is very quiet, and the main reason I upgraded - the lightweight frame. The bike can accelerate very quickly and maintains speed.

Cons: I ordered Small, and the handlebars sit just an inch or so lower than where I'd like but based on research I would need an extension piece to raise them at all.

Extra note: My local bike shop that assembled the bike sent me an email that the bike was ready a couple hours before they closed, and I didn't see the email until it was a few minutes too late. I called them and explained I live a couple blocks away, and they stayed late & unlocked the shop to let me get my bike after hours, and didn't rush the process at all. All that to say: I was very impressed, and Brooklyn Bicycle definitely picks good partners.

Thanks for such a thorough and detailed review Lisa. This is helpful for both us and our customers. The photos are also a great help. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Locke Holland Knight (Dover, US)

These bikes are absolutely amazing! They are great quality, light weight, and durable.

Thanks so much for sharing Locke. Love these photos. -Ryan Zagata

Commuter Bundle
Ravi Gosal (Washington, US)

Everything you need to get started and ride safely.

Thank you Ravi. -Ryan Zagata

Ravi Gosal (Washington, US)

It was a great experience buying the bike from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Love my bike. Would highly recommend.

Thanks for sharing Ravi. We appreciate you taking the time to share your review. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Mariam (New York, US)
Stylish commuter bike, comfortable ride

Whoever said diamond’s are a girl’s best friend has clearly not ridden the Franklin 8 speed! It brings me so much joy riding this stylish work of art. The seat cushion also makes the ride ultra comfortable! Best purchase decision I’ve made!

Thanks for sharing Mariam! We're thrilled you are enjoying your bike and that it's bringing you joy! -Ryan Zagata

Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser
Dyom Omana Boide (Reseda, US)
Love these bikes

These bikes are beautiful and well made. Very comfortable, light and easy to ride. My husband and I love them.

Very helpful staff. They answered all my questions and helped me to surprise my husband.

Thank you for sharing Omana. We enjoyed lending a hand. Great photo! -Ryan Zagata

Handcrafted Wooden Bike Crate
Lennie (Whitmore Lake, US)
Just what I wanted

Was hoping to avoid using a milk crate and wanted something with a little more style to run to the grocery store etc, this is perfect.

I had to buy 2 different screws but that’s because my rack is different.

I’ll see how it holds up.

Thanks for sharing Lennie. We're glad it's functioning as expected. Great photo! -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Erica (Buffalo, US)
Everything a Commuter Should Be!

This bike is exactly what I wanted - easy to ride, comfortable, and pretty! I love the way I feel while running errands or rambling about my neighborhood. It’s a nice ride, and I’m grateful to own this stylish beauty!

Thanks so much for sharing Erica. We are glad you're enjoying your new Franklin 8. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Eric (Durham, US)
Stylish and comfortable bike, unbeatable buying experience

This is the first bike I’ve owned as an adult, so I’m not exactly an expert on them. What I can say is I’ve had no complaints with the ride after 20+ miles, and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on the looks. I also added the commuter bundle and rear bike rack (that my local shop assembled for me) - it’s been really handy having a bike lock that comes with a way to secure it to the inside of the frame and the bell and safety lights are also really nice.

All that being said, the buying process alone was enough of a reason to get me to pull the trigger. I’m a taller guy (6’4’’) so I sent a message to customer service asking their opinion on the right bikes for my height. The literal president of the company (Ryan) emailed me back within 60 seconds and was very responsive to multiple follow-up questions. The coordination with my local shop also could not have been better. My bike was ready 8 days after shipment (compared to the 10-14 they indicate), and I got an email from Brooklyn Bicycles followed by a call from the shop itself to let me know. All in all, cannot recommend this company enough and I’ve already convinced my partner to purchase his first bicycle as well.

Eric - thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback and acknowledge not only our products but the efforts that go into making a great customer experience. We appreciate your business and look forward to getting your partner riding. Great photo! -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
JP (Los Angeles, US)
Beautiful, beautiful bike

Gorgeous bike, shipping was immediate. I ordered this on a Friday night, by Tuesday morning the local bike shop called me saying it was ready for pickup. I can't emphasize enough how beautiful this bike is. I'm recommending Brooklyn Bicycle co. to all my friends.

Thanks so much JP. We appreciate your feedback and glad you're enjoying your new city bike. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Cesar (Queens, US)
Awesome bike

Really dope bike. Fast as hell! Very happy with it.

Thanks Cesar. I think you're 'fast as hell,' not the bike. -Ryan Zagata

Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser
Dan Atterholt (Cullowhee, US)

Gorgeous bike the attention to detail is truly amazing. Most importantly, it is Hands-Down one of the easiest to ride bicycles that I have ever ridden. It is nothing short of a "Dream" to ride. Yes Brooklyn Bicycles are expensive but the price that I paid was well worth it. LOVE THIS BIKE.
Daniel - Waynesville NC

Thanks so much for sharing Dan. We appreciate your generous words. -Ryan Zagata

Wythe Fixie Bike
Michael Grisafi (Richmond, US)
Wythe Fixie

Just picked up my Wythe 2 days ago. Love it. Customer service from the purchase to the (fast) delivery, was outstanding. Brooklyn went above and beyond to
fulfill my every expectation. The bike: Fast, quiet, solid! I also indulged a few upgrades from Brooklyn and a few my own to make it "my bike".
I would recommend this company to anyone looking for quality without dropping thousands for sure. Incredible bicycle for the money. Thanks guys.

Thanks Michael. Truly appreciate your thorough feedback on both our Wythe fixie bike and your experience with our brand. Thanks also for the great photo. -Ryan Zagata

Great bike

Got the bike to be my main transportation to/from work and it is exactly what I was looking for. I was a little apprehensive having not taken a bike ride in years. Comfortable, stylish & easy on and off have made the transition an easy one. Ordering experience was fast and easy. Local shop experience was great too- good and speedy customer service.

Thanks so much for sharing Kylie. We're thrilled you're enjoying your Franklin 8 bike. -Ryan Zagata

Howard Widensky (Boca Raton, US)
Love the Bike. Not happy with gears

I started riding bike more this past week. It is comfortable and appealing.
Gears don't work well from 6-7-8. They jump and change while riding without touching the mechanism.

Thanks so much for your review Howard. I'm glad we were able to quickly get your gear jumping sorted with a simple adjustment. -Ryan Zagata

Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser
Noel Mendez (Miami, US)
Awesome Bike!

Great bike, very comfortable and well made. Me and my wife the these cruisers.

Thank you for sharing Noel. We are thrilled to learn you are enjoying your Brighton Cruisers. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Jimmy Beard (Garden City, US)
Great ride

The bike is fantastic, a smooth ride and good to get me around town. The company was great to work with trying to find a bicycle shop in my area to assemble it. My next bike will also be from Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

Thanks so much for sharing Jimmy. We appreciate you acknowledging the team's efforts as well. -Ryan Zagata

Handcrafted Wooden Bike Crate
Anonymous (San Mateo, US)
Sturdy basket

Very nice basket that fits on my Brooklyn willow bike. Love the look and will fit my farmer’s market purchases. My husband installed it with no issues. I always get comments only bike and accessories.

Great photo! We are thrilled you're enjoying your rear crate! -Ryan Zagata

Anonymous (San Francisco, US)
Great bike

I love how quiet and smooth this bike is! Super well made and sleek as well. I was worried about 9 gears not being enough for a hilly area, but it works great. Only two small issues would be it's not as light as I was hoping, and it can be hard to install a larger u-lock on the small frame sizes. Definitely 5 stars overall!!

Thanks for sharing your experience Juliana. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Jill Manuel (Rancho Cordova, US)
New favorite commuter

Every morning I am torn between my new Bedford and my Driggs 7 for the commute to work. Lately, the Bedford has won out. Smooth, light, strong, fast, amazing details and finish. On weekends, it can carry two huge panniers of groceries with ease. I still love my Driggs but it’s so fun to have a quality choice.

Thank you for sharing Jill. Sounds like you have some tough decisions on your hands. -Ryan Zagata

Jill Manuel (Rancho Cordova, US)
High Quality!

This bike is perfect for riding around town, grocery shopping, errands, joy rides. The fenders are a bit tight so make sure they are installed and adjusted properly. Love it! We now have three Brooklyn bikes. ❤️

Thank you for sharing your feedback and the photos. We're honored to be your bike of choice. -Ryan Zagata

Sara Organ (Arlington Heights, US)
Great bike, seamless delivery

Surprised my husband with this bike for Christmas, he loves it!

Thanks so much for sharing Sara. Glad your husband enjoyed the gift! -Ryan Zagata