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Brooks Slender Leather Grips

They are good for me

We appreciate your feedback Iouri. -Ryan Zagata
Brooks B17 Standard Classic Saddle - Men's

it is comfortable

Thanks for sharing Iouri. -Ryan Zagata
Impressed by the rack and service!

I’m really impressed with the quality of the rack and with the service provided by Brooklyn Bicycle! I don’t pretend to be a bike mechanic, so as recommended, I had the rack professionally installed for only $25. It’s a great addition to my bike! I highly recommend it!

Thanks so much for sharing Doug. We're glad you're getting some use out of our front rack. -Ryan Zagata
Great Bike

The Franklin 3 commuter bike is very sturdy on the trails.
Handles and shifts well. Great all around bike for an everyday ride

Thank you so much for sharing Chris. We are thrilled to hear you're enjoying your Franklin 3 city bike. -Ryan Zagata
Love this for my small commute in the city

It's really great for commuting around Jersey City. It isn't really heavy and it is easy to pedal around on. The experience of going to the store to pick it up was great, they made sure everything was working. I highly recommend these bikes to anyone.

Thanks so much for sharing Rebecka. We're thrilled you're enjoying your Franklin. -Ryan Zagata
Cool Fenders

Ordered these fenders with both our Roebling and Lorimer bikes, which were installed as part of the bike assembly. They look great and do the job in rainy conditions. The fenders and kickstand are must haves.

Thank you for sharing Caleb - we love these fenders as well. -Ryan Zagata
Awesome Bike!

We love our new bikes. The matte denim paint and silver trim looks so good in person. Excellent build quality, good components, fun to ride, and great customer service from Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

Thank you Crystal. This is a new color for us so we're glad you appreciate it. -Ryan Zagata
Love the Roebling!

My wife and I had been contemplating buying new bikes for a few years. After some pretty extensive reading and searching, we decided on the Lorimer and Roebling models. I had some anxiety about ordering a bike online and very nearly pulled the trigger on an REI Co-op bike, but I could not be more satisfied with my decision to go with Brooklyn. First the process - it was exactly as advertised. Online chat answered a few questions for me and was very helpful. Once ordered, I had made a mistake in buying components (added a chainguard I didn't need). They e-mailed me over a holiday weekend to check on it, got it corrected for me, and refunded all by the next business day. I also decided last minute to switch the rack I purchased and they made that adjustment for me as well. Notifications when it shipped and told me the bike shop it would be at. Two weeks later I got an e-mail that it was ready. The assembly was nearly flawless (a loose bolt on the rack caused it to slide during first use, but it was easily remedied). As for the bike itself, I love it. Aesthetically, it's awesome. These bikes ooze cool. The logo, the matte paint, the trim, everything is beautiful. It's a ton of fun to ride. Between the customer service and the quality, I don't think you can do any better.

Thanks for sharing Caleb. We are thrilled to have won your business and incredibly appreciative that you took the time to share this review of your new commuter bike. -Ryan Zagata
Exceeds Expectations

I've been riding this kind of city bike for 20 years (Toronto and other places) and this bike is excellent. I like steel frames for the bit of butter you get in the ride, but this one has a smoother ride than others I've had. (And still have). I think it might be the frame geometry. It has a bit longer wheel base than my other bikes, and I think that may be what has improved ride quality. I have a similar bike in Toronto but with a 7 speed Shimano internal hub, and I wasn't sure if 3 speeds would be enough. But it is! In fact I wouldn't want more. One other reviewer said he put a smaller cog on the back to change the gear ratio. While the stock set-up is I'm sure right for most riders, I'm a big fit guy and I think I will do the same at some stage, as I'm cruising too easily in third gear and could use more speed. Another thing I appreciate about the bike is the comfortable seat and grips. I was thinking of doing a Brooks saddle, but not sure that will be necessary. Also the grips are great - vegan leather? i think that means fake leather, but it's really good fake leather. The grips have a little cushioning underneath which really makes them comfortable. The twist shifter is great too - very smart for quick shifting in the city to get out of somebodies way. This is a well thought out bike and great value. I only wish there had been a black one available. I was impatient so went with the white one in stock at the showroom in Brooklyn (which was an enjoyable visit in itself). But the ivory colour is growing on me... Anyway, exceeds expectations on all levels. Thank you.

Thank you Tom. Of the many reviews we've received, this is likely the most thorough and we certainly appreciate it. You're onto us that vegan leather is indeed synonymous with 'fake leather' but we prefer it because it wears better in the elements. We appreciate you making the trip to the showroom and appreciate your business. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata
Just what I was looking for...

I was looking for a simple and stylish commuter and I found it! Since it's still Winter where I live, my riding has been limited to about 30 miles so far. But in the 30 or so miles that I've ridden so far, over paved bike trails, gravel, city streets and suburban roads the bike has been great. Smooth shifting and the 7 gear is all I've needed for moderate hills. I ordered the rear rack with the bike and added the front rack a few days after I got the bike. I carry a camera bag on the front and the tripod on the back and it does the job that I expected. Great bike, great price and great ordering and delivery service.

Thanks so much for sharing Mark. Love the photo. We are glad you're enjoying your Bedford 7. -Ryan Zagata
All-Around Greatness

From purchase to the first ride I haven't been disappointed. It's exactly what I was looking for down to the look and performance, I couldn't be happier with my bike. It's going to save me a bunch of money on parking at work, while also giving me the chance to see more of my city that I wouldn't be able to while driving a car. They also chose a great, super helpful shop to deliver and assemble the bike and easy for pick up. I will definitely continue to use this local bike shop for any maintenance and upkeep. Thank you, BBC for getting me out on the roads. I'm looking forward to the journies ahead.

Thanks so much for sharing Jacob. We're thrilled you're enjoying your Bedford city bike. -Ryan Zagata
Stop thinking about it,buy a Brooklyn Bike.

I’ve had my Roebling for a month now, I couldn’t be more satisfied. From purchase to delivery everything was flawless. It rides like a dream and looks even better.Very impressed with the customer service at
Mike L
Arlington Texas

Thanks so much for sharing Mike. We're thrilled you're enjoying your new commuter bike down there in TX. -Ryan Zagata
Bicycle carrier

Very satisfied, nice addition to the bike. Would be nice if it was deeper or had a separate basket insert for easy unload

Thanks for sharing. Glad you’re enjoying your front carrier. -Ryan Zagata
I love this bike!

I love my Wythe fixie! Ryan was a huge help in figuring out which size I should get and my local bike shop Zen Cog did a fantastic job of assembling my bike and making sure it was perfect for me before I left the store. The whole process was so easy. I ordered on a Monday and was riding by Saturday. This is the way bike buying should be and I couldn't ask for a more well made bike.

Thanks for sharing John. We're glad you're enjoying your new fixie bike. -Ryan Zagata
Fantastic Service

I moved abroad and wanted to have a good memory of my time in Brooklyn. This bike was the perfect fit and I can't stress enough how great of a service I received. Ryan, the owner, was most helpful and I truly had an amazing buying experience. I fully endorse Brooklyn Bicycle and can only recommend it to anyone looking for a cool bike and a great experience.

Thanks so much for sharing Alain. We enjoyed meeting you as well and we're glad you'll be representing our brand over in Europe. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata
Couldn't Be Happier With My Bike!

I just got my Bedford 3 (+ Universal Rear Carrier & Handcrafted Wooden Bike Crate) a couple days ago and the bike is fantastic! I live in a fairly small beach town in Southern California so I finally ditched the car and this is my "daily driver". It's everything I needed functionally and the fact that the bike is absolutely beautiful doesn't hurt either.
Brooklyn Bicycle Co.'s customer service also deserves a huge shout out. The "Buy And Ride" business model made the purchase totally seamless and the team was quick to talk me through the process when I called in with some questions. Thanks to SoCal Bike in Oceanside for the build as well.

Thanks so much for sharing Kyle. We are thrilled that you're enjoying your new commuter bike. -Ryan Zagata
Awesome, stylish ride!

I love my 3 speed Willow bike! It's a smooth ride and the seat is super comfy. I also appreciate the sleek design and the upright seating. The owner, Ryan, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is exceptionally down to earth and he went out of his way to let us make a showroom appointment during the busy holiday season. He gave us a warm welcome and was very helpful in giving me advice about which model would best work for me. I highly recommend any bike from Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

Thanks so much for passing by Valerie. We are thrilled that you are enjoying your new Willow City Bike. -Ryan Zagata
Best Christmas Present Ever for My Wife!

This bike (all of Brooklyn Bicycle's bikes) are insanely awesome. They are beautifully designed and crafted. Exceptionally comfortable ride. But, wow, the company's customer service is the shining star - you are really, truly appreciated and loved as a customer and it comes through in the attention that everyone we interacted with at Brooklyn gave to us.

Thank you so much for sharing Phil and thank you for acknowledging your experience with our team. We are thrilled your wife is enjoying her bike. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata
The perfect bike

I have enjoyed working with Brooklyn Bicycle Co. from start to finish and the bike is everything I wanted it to be. I attached a burley tandem bike for my daughter and we love biking around town together. Thank you for a comfortable, easy to ride and stylish bike!

Thank you so much for sharing Rebekka. We're thrilled you're enjoying your Willow 3. -Ryan Zagata
Quality and Style

My Wythe bike is something special, a perfect balance between quality and style. This is the first real bike I've bought and I couldn't be more impressed. It has such a smooth, unique feel that makes riding it fun and enjoyable. The staff was incredibly patent and responsive when I asked for some help. I would highly recommend purchasing a Brooklyn Bike.

Thanks so much for sharing Garrett. We are thrilled you're enjoying your new fixie bike. -Ryan Zagata
Amazing bike, some inconsistent sizing issues

This was what I wanted for my commute bike, with the fenders, chainguard and rear rack all part of the bike which is cheaper than buying them all separately. I visited a bike shop in a nearby town and though they didn't carry this exact model, they let me test out the Lorimer they had on hand. I decided that if all of the bikes were the same high quality as that Lorimer then getting a bike from Brooklyn would be a safe bet. When the bike arrived at my local bike shop, the owner who assembled the bike for me was impressed with its build quality and commented that it was a very good bike for commuting and city riding in general. He even offered to provide a free tuneup if I brought back the bike after about a month of riding even though I didn't purchase the bike from him (and I have taken him up on that tuneup, all that was needed was having all the bolts tightened again and the front fender moved a bit further away from the brakes to avoid noise while braking).

The only major issue I've had (which doesn't have anything to do with the actual build quality of the bike, by the way) is that the sizing numbers listed on the bike do not match up with the numbers listed on this website. The numbers for the Large size listed on the website says 66 to 75 inches. However the sticker on the bike clearly indicates that it is a Large size meant for 5'8" and above (68 inches). Having tried a Large Lorimer and checking the height and inseam measurements between both the Willow and the Lorrimer I was not expecting any sizing issues. I am 5'7" (67 inches) and the seat was too tall for me. I can only get on the bike without jumping by removing the rear reflector and moving the seat all the way down to the bottom. If I was even an inch shorter this bike would be completely too large for me to get on. If I had known this beforehand I would have purchased an S/M sized bike. Other than that I have no issues with the bike.

Thanks so much for sharing Devin. We are glad you're enjoying your Willow. Size as it's a combination of height and inseam. We try to provide some fairly accurate generalizations based on our experience but also encourage anyone with questions to reach out and consult with us. Thanks again Devin. -Ryan Zagata
wife christmas

Bought this bike for my wife for Christmas for her personal riding and pulling baby cart. She loves it feels very high quality

Thanks so much for sharing Joshua. We are glad she is enjoying her new commuter bike. -Ryan Zagata

Awesome bike. Fast, light and stylish.

Thanks for sharing Michael. -Ryan Zagata
Lovely Bicycle

Great looking bike that is well built. Super fast shipping and delivery. So nice I did not have to put it together and that it was done at a local bike shop. Unfortunately I am in Maine and right now it is snowy and cold. Looking forward to Spring for some cruising!

Thanks so much for sharing Kimberly. Spring will be here soon enough and you'll be out enjoying your new cruiser bike. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata
Form over function, but the function is still pretty good (for casual riding).

Overall, it really is a great bike. This is a bike that has style first and foremost. I commute to work 3 miles each way on a green way. The path is flat and well maintained (mostly through parks). The Driggs 3 is exactly the sort of bike for this commute. It is well constructed and surprisingly light. I would not characterize this bike as nimble. Neither would I describe it as aggressive. It is smooth; elegant. Think: sailboat. It does not stop or start quickly. It is not a curb hopper. If you're riding in traffic or riding on less forgiving paths, you might choose a different ride. To get to the grocery, I need to navigate among cars and across a variety of unforgiving paths. For that, I'll stick to my old mtn bike hybrid. Proposed changes: 1. The pedals are pretty, but lack teeth (literally - your shoes will slip off). 2. The seat is not comfortable. Given the nature of this bike, a comfy seat is in order. 3. I will be swapping out the handlebar stem. Given the swept handlebars (which are awesome), I think it needs a stem that has less of a forward placement. 4. The brake pads are simply too small. I'll be swapping them out for more contemporary pads with better braking power. I do, however, recommend this bike (with some possible component swaps). Good value. Good components. Great frame. Excellent style.

Thanks so much for sharing such a thorough review David. You're spot on that the Driggs is our resident head turner and for daily commuting we are often encouraging folks to consider our Roebling commuter bike. Every rider has a different anatomy so things like saddle & stem are challenging components to nail down such that every rider finds them immensely comfortable. Thankfully those are both easy components to swap out with your bike shop. Thanks again David. -Ryan Zagata