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Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Reviews

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Bedford 8 Speed
Rene Calvo (Stuttgart, DE)
My new friend.

This is the first new bike I have owned in 30 years. I have always had used bikes because new ones don't last long in NYC. It is light and uncomplicated making it easy to carry up the stairs and into my destinations. Because it is stylish and classic nobody minds. Once I've had it a few years and it has garnered an urban patina then I will lock it on the streets. But not overnight. Never overnight. It's fast. The protected bike infrastructure in NYC has improved. I use it to travel much further than I ever did before. I often go weeks without using the subway. (Which continues to get worse, not to mention that one can catch a deadly disease). It is well constructed. It is dependable. I smile whenever I see it. My Bedford bike is my new friend. I highly recommend it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback and thoughts on your new 'friend.' We hope your friend is with you for many future journeys. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
JDog (Eugene, US)
Pretty Bike

Very cool bike! My Wife loves it. I wish I would have known about the clicking sound the 3-speed internal hub makes- (it's totally normal according to Shimano, just unexpected).

Thank you for sharing. As we shared previously, the internally geared hubs are a bit chatty by design. There is a lot of engineering that goes into getting all of these gears stuffed into a rear hub. -Ryan Zagata

City Biker (New York, US)

An electric CitiBike and I collided barely three days after I got this bike. Took me about three days to get things like the seat, brakes, gearshift, and so on back into working order—but my god, does she ride not just like brand new, but like the kind of bike I think I always imagined bikes were supposed to feel like ever since I learned how to ride. She has almost too many gears for riding around Manhattan (thus why that CitiBike and I aren’t the best of friends), but I cherish her. Absolutely delightful to ride

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We're thrilled you got your bike back together after that crash so that it's performing as expected. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
Paul Klepacki (Naples, US)
Best Bike For Your Buck

If I could give my Brooklyn bicycle 6 stars, I would. Wait... I will! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks for the clever use of the six stars Paul. It truly means the world to us that you're enjoying your bike so much. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Joaquin Elizondo (Tijuana, MX)
My first commuter bike and I love it!

I wanted a bike for my short commute to work and after doing extensive research I came across the Bedford 8. I wanted to try it out before buying it, but after reading more about the company and other reviews I went ahead and just purchased it. Bike arrived about two weeks later at my LBS. It's been such a joy to ride to work and I love the Army Green color. The 8-speed really helps on the hills coming back home. Now I want to get the rack when it becomes available again. Great buying experience and bike!

Thanks so much for sharing Joaquin. We are honored that you landed on the Bedford 8 after such extensive research and we're thrilled it's delivering as promised! -Ryan Zagata

Relaxed Ride Handlebars
Michael (Williamsburg, US)
Excellent bars.

I bought these as a crash replacement. I liked the original Relaxed Ride bars that came on my Bedford. So there was no reason buy another kind of bar. The original bars took a bad hit in a hard crash and I did not trust them any more.

We are sorry to learn of your crash Michael but surely we're glad you like these bars. They seem to strike a great balance. -Ryan Zagata

Uptown USB Rechargeable Bike Lights
Ronrico Bianchi (Parrish, US)
Defective, but…

Unfortunately my clear light was defective, but easy enough to resolve via customer support.
Red light works fine, bright and appears well made

Thanks for sharing Ronrico. I am glad the team was able to sort out your issue with your front light. -Ryan Zagata

ROnrico Bianchi (Parrish, US)
Great commuter bike

Being a native New Yorker I just had to have a bicycle with the bridge logo…I like this bike a lot. It’s my going to the store bike, although I did ride 22 miles RT last weekend. I’m 67 living in Florida ( still working) and mostly ride an old Bianchi steel frame. For my runs to the pool, grocery store, farm stand, I’ve been using the BB and find myself looking for excuses to ride this nice comfortable bike. The buying process is hassle free and customer service has been top notch. All in all an excellent bicycle

Thanks for taking the time to share your thorough feedback and such amazing photos. -Ryan Zagata

Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser
Roberta Rogowski (Carlsbad, US)
Excellent Bike

I have a Trek townie but was reading reviews and decided to give this brand a try. So comfortable, handlebars sit a little higher which is good for the back!

Much appreciated Roberta. We're thrilled you're enjoying your cruiser bike. -Ryan Zagata

J S. (Lexington, US)
Roebling ... solid commuter bike

The Roebling is a solid commuter bike. I purchased my first one in November. Commuted almost daily through all sorts of winter weather. On May 31 my bike was stolen while parked at work. Thieves cut through cable lock. I liked the Roebling enough to buy a second one to replace the stolen Roebling. This time, with recommendation of Brooklyn bikes super responsive folks, I also now have a stronger lock. I like the Roebling for commuting and small grocery runs, and hope this is my last commuter bike purchase for a while.

Thanks so much for sharing. We're delighted that you're getting so much use out of your Roebling commuter bike. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
Alison B. (Hoboken, US)

It’s been less than a day since having my ivory 3 speed Franklin and I am beyond obsessed! The back fender was damaged during shipping but the bike shop reached out to the company immediately and they will address it with no issue. I took it for a spin and I love it so much! Can’t wait to keep riding’

Thanks for sharing your feedback Alison and thanks for giving us a chance to address the minor shipping issue. We are so glad to hear you're enjoying your bike. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
Caleb Carr (Washington, US)
Great Ride for Chronic Pain User

I have issues with chronic pain in my lower back from an old injury and this bike's upright orientation feels great. Been on a few rides and have felt really good after.
The customer support is also really great - when UPS lost my commuter bundle, Brooklyn Bikes sent me a new one within a couple days free of charge!

Thanks Caleb. It's refreshing to learn that our Franklin 3 is able to accommodate you with your lower back pain. Thanks for sharing your feedback. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
Angelina Barnes
Beautiful, Smooth, Convenient

Love my new bike! It’s not only beautiful and comfortable but a very smooth ride. The ordering process was so easy. Having it shipped to a local bike shop for assembly was seamless and so convenient. I can’t wait to explore.

Thanks Angelina. We are glad to learn the process was easy for you. Thank you for sharing the photo also. -Ryan Zagata

Handcrafted Wooden Bike Crate
Sam Darby (Savannah, US)
Equally stylish and functional

Thank y’all for a fine, fine product.

Thanks for sharing Sam. Great photo! -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 3 Speed
michael Silverwise (New York, US)
So far so good.

It’s difficult to find a good three speed internal hub upright bicycle with fenders. This one seems pretty solid. I decided to go with a step through because I’m tired of hiking my leg over the seat.
The factory handgrips are real attractive but become dangerously slippery in the rain… so I replaced them on day one.
Thank you Brooklyn Bicycle Co for creative this handsome bike. We also bought a crème colored one for our son.

We appreciate you sharing your feedback Michael and we're glad you're enjoying your new bike. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Nick Klein (Chicago, US)
Smooth Ride


Thanks so much for sharing Nick. We're thrilled you are enjoying your bike! -Ryan Zagata

Rear Carrier
John Stislow (Brooklyn, US)

We're quite happy with my wife's Brooklyn Bicycle. It was then an easy jump to any of their accessories. Quality item. Arrived faster than expected and well in time for Mother's Day. The bolts that came with it were a little long, but unprompted, Brooklyn sent shorter bolts which addresses the long bolt that gets in the was of the highest rear gear cog.

Thanks for sharing John. We are thrilled your wife is enjoying her bike & rear carrier. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Marybeth Spath (Brooklyn, US)

Absolutely love the bike. It is a joy to ride.

Thank me so much for sharing Marybeth. We are glad to learn you’re enjoying your bike. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Z.F. (Gresham, US)
Sweet ride

Cool bike, I’ll be riding it around town all summer and for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for sharing Zeb. We are glad to learn you are enjoying your Franklin. -Ryan Zagata

Bedford 8 Speed
Lisa (Chicago, US)
Casual, Lightweight Workhorse

I've had this bike for almost a year now and have put a lot of small local trips on it.

Pros: Handlebar shifting mechanism is intuitive, the bike is very quiet, and the main reason I upgraded - the lightweight frame. The bike can accelerate very quickly and maintains speed.

Cons: I ordered Small, and the handlebars sit just an inch or so lower than where I'd like but based on research I would need an extension piece to raise them at all.

Extra note: My local bike shop that assembled the bike sent me an email that the bike was ready a couple hours before they closed, and I didn't see the email until it was a few minutes too late. I called them and explained I live a couple blocks away, and they stayed late & unlocked the shop to let me get my bike after hours, and didn't rush the process at all. All that to say: I was very impressed, and Brooklyn Bicycle definitely picks good partners.

Thanks for such a thorough and detailed review Lisa. This is helpful for both us and our customers. The photos are also a great help. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Locke Holland Knight (Dover, US)

These bikes are absolutely amazing! They are great quality, light weight, and durable.

Thanks so much for sharing Locke. Love these photos. -Ryan Zagata

Commuter Bundle
Ravi Gosal (Washington, US)

Everything you need to get started and ride safely.

Thank you Ravi. -Ryan Zagata

Ravi Gosal (Washington, US)

It was a great experience buying the bike from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Love my bike. Would highly recommend.

Thanks for sharing Ravi. We appreciate you taking the time to share your review. -Ryan Zagata

Franklin 8 Speed
Mariam (New York, US)
Stylish commuter bike, comfortable ride

Whoever said diamond’s are a girl’s best friend has clearly not ridden the Franklin 8 speed! It brings me so much joy riding this stylish work of art. The seat cushion also makes the ride ultra comfortable! Best purchase decision I’ve made!

Thanks for sharing Mariam! We're thrilled you are enjoying your bike and that it's bringing you joy! -Ryan Zagata

Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser
Dyom Omana Boide (Reseda, US)
Love these bikes

These bikes are beautiful and well made. Very comfortable, light and easy to ride. My husband and I love them.

Very helpful staff. They answered all my questions and helped me to surprise my husband.

Thank you for sharing Omana. We enjoyed lending a hand. Great photo! -Ryan Zagata