One of the most important thing to understand is that design is about how things function and how we interact with them.  If a bicycle is visually appealing, that's a matter of aesthetics not design.  We prioritize both.  

You don't need to know anything about design to know you like how a bike looks, but we want you to be confident that we've got the brains to back up our good looks.  How comfortable your bike is, the ease and grace with which it tackles the road, how long it lasts, and how easy it is to maintain are all functions of your bike's design: the calculations that go into each angle, the placement of each part, the alignment of each element with each other.

thoughtful design

Our bikes are designed with input from industry professionals, and we've agonized over millimeters of frame geometry to ensure that you have the most comfortable ride possible. That means getting close to full leg extension when pedaling and still being able to reach the ground when at a standstill--without having to hop off your seat.

Many other brands use standard factory-designed frame geometry--often picking a few sizes of frames that their factory has previously designed likely for other brands in other countries. We think you should have a frame that's designed more methodically, so that when you get your seat and handlebars just right, everything else will fall into place.

more durable frame

The heart of your bike is the frame and the bulk of our frame tubing is 4130 Chromoly steel, a stronger metal than Hi-Ten steel or aluminum. Its superior strength allows us to use thinner tubing without compromising quality, resulting in a lighter, more durable bike. In addition, steel is a more flexible metal than aluminum, affording riders a more forgiving bicycle, and therefore a more comfortable ride.

Many other brands’ frames are made either from exclusively Hi-Ten steel or from a combination of Hi-Ten and Chromoly. Hi-Ten isn't as strong as Chromoly, so it has to be thicker to afford the same durability. A bike with a Hi-Ten steel frame is going to be heavier and more unwieldy than a bike with a full Chromoly frame.

bike main image
backwheel pic
chain pic
saddle pic
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Scroll over the image above to get up close and personal with our design and components.

best overall weather resistance

We outfit our bikes with all aluminum and stainless steel parts--plus on some models, a rust inhibiting coating on the chain--to forestall rusting. Then we add grips and saddles of vegan leather, a water-resistant material. We finish things off with a special phosphate bath and a triple-coat of paint to keep your bike looking fresher longer.

Lots of brands offer one or two of these same features--but not the whole kit and caboodle. A bike with little in the way of weather resistance means more trips to the shop--and more money out of your pocket. We'd like to save you time and money by outfitting you properly from the beginning so your bike will be something you can ultimately pass down to your children.

smoothest ride

Not all wheels are created equal. Ours offer first and foremost hubs with sealed bearings, which not only afford a smooth ride, but also keep water from rusting the wheel from the inside out. Our rims are double-walled for twice the durability, and offer a machined brake surface for smoother stops. To protect our tires against flats and our rims against damage, nylon rim strips are standard on all our bikes and all models are come stock with puncture resistant protection.

Even though wheels are the heart and soul of a bike, you'll be hard-pressed to find another brand putting as much thought into theirs as we do. Technical details that a casual rider might never know makes a world of difference in daily comfort, time and money spent on maintenance--not to mention overall enjoyment! At Brooklyn Bike Co., we say: enjoy your ride. Let us worry about the details!