We asked some Brooklyn Bicycle riders how riding a bike has changed their lives--in little ways and big--and here's what they said...

Ride Out, Smell the Roses 

Whitney Campeau of lifestyle blog See Shop Eat Docruises around LA on her Brooklyn Bicycle. Soak up her style on instagram.
"I find that whenever I ride my bike I discover new things (a pretty tree, a gorgeous house, a new coffee shop) that I wouldn't have even noticed if I were zooming past in my car. I love that biking helps you to be more in the moment and connected to your surroundings."

Small Changes, Huge Impact

Christina and Robert of Arizona lifestyle blog New Darlings make a stylish pair on their Willow and Driggs bicycles. Follow their adventures on instagram.

"Since both getting bikes back in December, we have made some small changes to our everyday routines that have made a big impact on the way we live.  Our home is in central Phoenix, so all the great spots are so close and bike trails are everywhere. Taking our bikes out for a spin and pedaling to the nearest coffee shop on Sunday mornings, then stopping at the local market on the way home makes weekends more fun and gives us the bit of exercise we need."

Exercise and clarity

Joe Miragliotta of men's lifestyle blog Joe's Daily and men's lifestyle magazine @mens.magazine zips around LA on our popular Wythe.

"I may be the only person in Los Angeles who doesn't own a car. Since starting my business and working from home, I decided it was time to ditch the car and get a bike. Life changing! Not only do I get a great workout, I've found it peaceful and a great way to clear my head in between long writing sessions on the couch."

Keep riding! It'll certainly change your life in small, fun ways--and very likely in big, empowering ways. And we'd love to know what biking has done for you! Share your experiences in the comments or tweet at us.

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