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What makes the perfect city bike?

Thoughtful Design

Not all city bikes are created equal. We spend hours agonizing over the smallest details, and you'll be hard-pressed to find another brand putting as much thought into their bikes as us.

Premium Componentry

Technical details that a casual rider might never notice make a world of difference in the comfort, reliability, and maintenance cost of a bicycle.

Weather Resistance

We save you time and money by outfitting your bike properly from the beginning- including stainless steel parts, rust-resistant chains, and water-resistant grips and saddles.

Professional Assembly

With our industry-leading Buy & Ride program, leave the hassle to us-- shipping and professional assembly are covered by us.

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What they're saying about our City Bikes

"The bike itself has a vintage style that we really dig, but it's all the extra effort Brooklyn Bicycle Co. goes to for customers that permanently raises the bar."

"Every person who hopped onto our test model to take it for a spin had the same first impression: 'This is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever been on.'”

"I found a reliable site to buy a bicycle online — my hesitations over quality are gone after putting my bike through its paces on the pothole-riddled streets of NYC."

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