Our Factory

Consciously Manufactured

Our manufacturing facilities are a source of incredible pride.

We’ve worked hard to find factories that treat their employees as fairly as we do, treat our products with the care that we do, and care about the safety and well-being of our customers as much as we do.

We know, because we’re there. We regularly visit our factories (more than our significant others care for). We have overseas consultants on site for every production run. And we only ever sign a contract with a factory after putting them through a strict vetting process. We work exclusively with factories that meet or exceed our stringent standards, and we walk away from any factory that we wouldn’t be comfortable showcasing to the world.

Close up photo of the Sea Glass Franklin/Willow frame
Brooklyn Bicycle Co. factory
Value Guided Partnerships

Among other rubrics, we’re guided by several core beliefs which help us determine whether a given factory is a good fit:

* Our manufacturing partners' employees should be treated similarly to how we treat our own

* Everyone deserves access to living wage jobs

* Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace

* Worker safety and quality control matter every day

* The quality of every single component on our bikes matters

* Quality products are sustainable products

We would happily invite any of our customers to spend time on the floor of our factories and converse with our factory employees. However, in case you don’t feel like booking a ticket to the other side of the world, we invite you to check out the video above for a sneak peek into how Brooklyn bikes are made.

Roebling Hybrid bicycle in front of the Brooklyn Bridge Matte Black Bedford commuter bicycle in front of brownstone steps

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