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Cruiser Bikes

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What makes the perfect cruiser bike?

Upright Riding Position

Because cruiser bikes are as much about seeing as they are about being seen.

comfort bikes

Cushy Sprung Saddle

For keeping your bottom comfortable for as far as the road will take you.

All-Weather Components

For ensuring your bikes looks and rides amazing for as long as it's at your side.

Five Things To Consider When Buying a Cruiser Bike
Style it Up
Shop our catalog of accessories that perfectly complement your cruiser bike.

Expert Opinions on Our Cruiser Bikes

"Looking for a chill cruiser that doubles as a townie? The lightweight aluminum Brighton has you covered."

"Every person who hopped onto our test model to take it for a spin had the same first impression: 'This is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever been on.'”

"My hesitations over quality are gone after putting my bike through its paces on the pothole-riddled streets of NYC."

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Need help finding the right bike?

Let us help! Four questions to guide you to the perfect bike.