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Uptown USB Rechargeable Bike Lights

These incredibly bright front & rear rechargeable rechargeable LED bike lights offer a versatile mounting mechanism allowing for easy mounting on bikes, bags, helmets, etc.

180-Degree Visibility 

With blinding 150 lumen (front) & 60 lumen (rear) LED lights, these lights provide for outstanding visibility to keep you safe day and night.

Water & Dust Resistant

Durable IP67 rated dust and water resistance provide all weather riding

4 Day & Night Modes

Steady High Mode, Fast Flashing Mode, Slow Flashing Mode & Pulse Mode

USB Rechargeable

650mAh batteries provide for all day lighting. Included USB charging cable allows for quick & easy charging

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Customer (Brooklyn, US)
    Great but malfunction

    I bought this set, and I was really excited about them! They are very bright, and I love that I can charge them with the USB easily. Unfortunately, the red light will randomly turn off in the middle of my ride. I'll turn it back on and within a minute, it shuts off again even after a full charge.

    Thanks so much for sharing. It sounds like you may have received a faulty light but I do see the team has already rectified this with you separately. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata

    SAO' (Denver, US)
    Solid light at a solid price

    I bought this set for a new bike, but at the same time was shopping around for lights for my kid's school commuter bike. Now I wish the lights on my other bikes would "accidentally" fall off so I can replace them all with this set. For starters, they're crazy-bright, and probably the brightest I've ever seen at this price point. All of the rechargeable (USB) lights with at least 9 hours of run time started at $40 at the big box stores (and, to my uncalibrated eyeballs, the Uptown lights were brighter than everything in the $40-60 price range). Also important, the clip and mounting straps are rock solid. The clip has a rubber coating that makes it non-slip, so I feel confident using the mounting tabs on my backpack without worrying about a pothole sending the light flying. If you are mounting it to a tube or bike rack, the silicone straps are beefy and provide a tight grip.

    Pros: • brightness • price point • construction and manufacturing • waterproof • adjustable mounting system • run-time of 9 hours in blinking mode

    Cons: • If you are mounting the lights to a bike rack with very skinny tubing, the straps will hold the light in place but it might jostle around if you're riding rough roads. You're not going to lose the light, but you might have to re-aim it from time to time. I'm thinking maybe some plumber's tape on the rack might give the mounting straps a little more bite. Also, it would be nice if more lights had a permanent attachment option, but everything seems to be clips and straps these days.

    Thanks so much for sharing. These lights are proving to be a customer favorite. -Ryan Zagata