Driggs Sizing Chart

Size Height Inseam
M 5'6" - 5'10" 29.0" - 32.5"
L 5'11" - 6'4" 32.0" - 35.5"

Between sizes? Reach out to us for personalized guidance. Have a question on sizing? Check our bicycle sizing guide by clicking here.


The MOST IMPORTANT measurement when sizing a bike is your inseam length. Don't base your inseam simply on your jean size. The more precise, the better.

1. Stand with your back against a wall and spread your feet 6"- 8" apart.
2. Place a book between your legs and up against the wall, spine up; raise it until snug against your crotch (this mimics your bike seat).
3. Have another person measure from the top of the book (spine) down to the floor.
4. We strongly encourage viewing this YouTube video on how to properly measure your inseam.