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City Bike Tours: Boston

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Brooklyn Bicycle Steven Fingar

Your guide: Steven Fingar 


We asked Bostonian Steven Fingar to show us his favorite spots in The Olde Towne. Steven's beautiful photos capture the restrained beauty of this historic city. Boston is a city made up of small towns, and Steven has laid out his suggestions for exploring Boston by bike: 

1. Beacon Hill 

Beacon Hill Boston Brooklyn Bikes 

Our starting point to this tour will be Beacon Hill- a place frozen in time - full of rich history, old brownstone buildings, and bumpy cobblestone streets. Needless to say, it is also one of the most photographed sections of the city as it garners crowds of tourists every season. One of the most famous streets in the area is Acorn St., acclaimed to be the most photographed street in the United States. The streets and alleys are lined with unique brownstones that boast their own character as well as personalized door knockers.

2. South End

Brooklyn bicycle South End
Next we'll peddle over to the South End which is situated between Back Bay and South Boston (Southie). This area of the city is full of Victorian style homes, artisan coffee shops, and quaint wine bars. The South End is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, as it is home to some of the city's best eateries and most scenic streets.

3. Blackbird Doughnuts

Brooklyn bicycle blackbird donuts
While I'm in South End I always manage to swing by Blackbird Doughnuts for their gourmet doughnuts and coffee. Their small batch creations are a staple in the city and will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

4. Boston Public Gardens and The Commons

Brooklyn Bicycle Boston Gardens
One of my favorite things about Boston is the lush greenery that abounds. The Boston Public Gardens and Commons are at the heart of the city and host gorgeous gardens for thousands of visitors each year.  I suggest taking a ride on the swan boats which are a staple to this city.

5. Seaport

Brooklyn Bicycle Seaport Boston

The Seaport is an area of South Boston (Southie) that is booming with unprecedented growth and new business. From modern office buildings, to luxury apartment complexes, and hip eateries, this area of Boston houses many of the city's acclaimed bars and restaurants. This neighborhood can also boast amazing views that span Boston Logan Airport, Charlestown, and downtown Boston.

6. Tatte Bakery (Harvard)

Brooklyn Bicycle Tate Bakery
By this point in your trip you've earned another sweet treat and a caffeine pick-me-up. One of my favorite places in Boston to grab a pastry and coffee is Tatte Bakery. The cafe's Brookline location has become a Boston staple known for its heavenly pastries and sleek interior design. The local franchise has garnered so much attention, that it has also become a destination for

Steven rides a Roebling.

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