Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser

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An ultra relaxed cruiser, with enough gears to get you where you're going

  • External 7-speed drive train
  • Ideal for cruises around the neighborhood
  • Super relaxed & comfort focused geometry
  • Mounting points for accessories
  • 14 Awesome Beach Cruisers

    "Looking for a chill cruiser bike that doubles as a townie? The lightweight aluminum Brighton 7, has you covered. "

    Bicycling Magazine
  • Easy to Buy, Exceptional Service

    "By all accounts, buying a Brooklyn online is a pleasant experience."

    Bicycling Magazine
  • Brooklyn bicycle Co. Brighton
  • Brooklyn bicycle Co. Brighton

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
🧡 Best orange bike ever!! 🍊

I just bought the Brighton 7 and it’s the best bike I’ve ever had!! Very relaxing and smooth riding! Highly recommend!!

Thanks so much for sharing Tay. We are thrilled you're enjoying your tangerine Brighton 7. -Ryan Zagata

Love my bike!

It’s a smooth ride. Love it! Well made. Solid. I love the color.

Thanks so much for sharing Elizabeth. We spy a Willow in that photo as well. -Ryan Zagata

A Grand deal

I love this bike. Great sales assistance on line.
It was delivered and assembled by a local bike shop.
It was ready in 10 days. All I had to do was pick it up.
A over all great experience.!

Thanks Terry. We are so glad you enjoy. -Ryan Zagata

Love it!!!

I absolutely LOVE my new Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser from Brooklyn Bicycle Co.! From start to finish Ryan made the process fun & easy! He helped me pick the best bike for me based on my needs (height/size, personal preferences, how & where I’d be riding, etc.). The bike arrived and the quality is amazing! It looks so sleek and modern yet reminiscent of a traditional beach cruiser! It seamlessly moves from 1 speed to the next. The seat is nice and wide and just so comfortable! The height of the handle bars is perfect allowing my arms to remain in a relaxed position throughout the ride. It’s a smooth ride on this beach cruiser whether I’m on the beach or the street. I also love the thoughtful design with regards to the components on the bike which are conveniently “hidden” inside the frame so you don’t have any distractions or cumbersome parts potentially rubbing up against your legs or knees while you ride. I chose the Ivory color with the black tires and I’m so happy with my looks so classy & modern! The team at Brooklyn Bicycle Co. are very knowledgeable, professional and seem to really care about making their customers happy. Their attention to detail is so appreciated. They even called me before sending my order out when they noticed I ordered a kickstand just to make sure I wanted it since the bike already comes with a kickstand. I wasn’t aware of that so I appreciated their foresight since it saved me either having to send the item back and incur additional shipping costs or ending up with an “extra” kickstand I don’t need. They also made buying my bike super easy. I just placed my order online and picked up my new bike at my local bike shop. Thank you so much to Ryan and his team for all your help! I felt like a little kid getting my new bike when it arrived! I forgot how much I enjoy just “cruisin’ around” on my bike! Couldn’t be happier with my choice! 👍🏻😎

Thanks so much for sharing Angela and thanks for your business. -Ryan Zagata


The ordering process and communication was lacking, but this was bought at the onset of the pandemic so there’s that.

To be specific, I ordered the bike, received confirmation stating to expect an email from the local bike shop. I wasn’t even sure if they were open given lockdown orders and was a bit apprehensive that I was ordering “in the dark”. Then I heard nothing for at least 10 days—and finally called. I was told the bike would be ready soon...when I emphasized the next day was my birthday they (BB) promised to try to have it ready and it was! The seat was not put on tightly so the first few rides were with the seat pointed decidedly upward (see pic). My child, for whom I bought the bike, and I tried to figure it out and she finally realized a bolt needed to be tightened. And fixed it—which is not how I want to give an expensive gift.

Those small inconveniences do not take away from a pretty bike. Aesthetics mean a lot to me, so I am still satisfied. 😊. I have only ridden a few times but it is a comfortable ride—I rode over some grass and rougher terrain with no problem. The curved handlebars are awkward for me so I will be getting the Franklin for myself—which lets you know that despite the weird customer service and awkward website (I couldn’t figure out large or small when trying to confirm my purchase amongst other glitchy things) I am still willing to purchase here! I would much rather a white seat on my Franklin (iis that an option?). I think it is a worthy purchase—i will know more after a few more rides. Oh, it’s heavy! Not the lightest bike...

Thanks for sharing. One of the challenges with relying upon third-party partner shops to aid in our fulfillment process is that on occasion communication lacks. I see we sent you a message that your bike had shipped and then the assembling shop neglected to pick it up from there. It also seems that had overlooked the seat bolt. We've brought this to their attention and implemented some corrective measures to help minimize the risk of this going forward. We're glad your daughter was crafty enough to get it sorted and we look forward to getting you on our Franklin. - Ryan Zagata

So easy!

The world is complicated right now, but the Brooklyn Bicycle Co made buying a bike super easy. Ryan gave me advice on which model would best fit my 5'0" self and, after a seamless online transaction and great communication from the team, my Brighton bicycle was ready at my local bike shop in just eight business days. I love the bike -- smooth ride, sturdy frame, comfortable seat and stylish too! Perfect for cruising the Cape Cod Canal bike path.

Thanks so much for sharing this feedback and these outstanding photos. You've got us all jealous here. We're glad you're enjoying your new cruiser bike. -Ryan Zagata

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★ Customer Reviews ★

In the words off our customers...

1028 reviews

Just picked up my first Brooklyn Bicycle, the Lorimer, here in Vancouver today and I already took it out on the trails in Stanley Park and through the streets downtown. I was super impressed with it! It’s incredibly light and super comfortable to ride! I’m nearly 5’4 and I got the 16/M - it fits perfect! I was also incredibly happy with the service at the shop I bought it from on Robson Street - they were super to work with. Looking forward to riding this bicycle all year round!

Thanks so much for sharing Jasmine. You're lucky to have access to Stanley Park - it's one of our favorites. Enjoy. -Ryan Zagata


I absolutely love this basket. It is structured so well and really cute! Lot's of room too

Thanks for sharing Cyndi. -Ryan Zagata

Love Love Love This Bike

I'm lucky enough to have a commute that's well-suited to biking in a town that's...well, that's more generally not that well-suited to biking. When I went shopping, I was really focused on getting something comfortable, and this bike delivers; the riding posture is super easy-going, and the ride is *really* smooth. There actually aren't enough "o's" in the word "smooth" for how smooth it is. It just sails right along. What I didn't expect was that it would also look as good as it does...I hadn't even got it out of the bike shop that the Brooklyn Bicycle Co. sent it to for assembly before somebody remarked how pretty it was (and let me note in passing: the "Buy &Ride" program is brilliant). Had somebody in a work meeting comment on how sharp-looking it is. I posted a picture of it online and got the response "Super clean and dapper!", which seems to cover it pretty well.

So, in a nutshell: I'm not an experienced enough bicyclist to give you a good assessment of the technical details on this thing. But I CAN say that I'm having a blast riding it, that it draws all kinds of good attention, and that when you factor in the convenience of the shopping experience I can't imagine doing any better for the price.

Thanks so much for sharing such thorough feedback William. We are glad you're finding your Driggs to be smooth. -Ryan Zagata

What a wonderful bundle of goodness!

I bought this to go along with my driggs 3 speed I had on order and couldn't be happier. The bell is just right, the lock is sturdy and makes me feel secure about keeping my bike safe, and the lights work just fine. Not so bright to light my path at night but definitely bright enough to help others in cars see me. About the lights. One shipped defective and I got on the chat app here on the brooklyn bicycles site-which is run by real people and not some bot-and Alex got me a replacement in the ail in less than a week. Great products and great service! Highly recommended.

Thanks Brian. We just launched new lights that will very much light your path at night and they're rechargeable. Appreciate you sharing your feedback. -Ryan Zagata


When a company delivers what they promised, and in perfect condition, they must be thanked and applauded.
I couldn’t be happier with my two bicycles and accessories.
Thank you.

Thanks so much for sharing Bill. We appreciate you sharing your experience and we're thrilled you're enjoying your bikes. -Ryan Zagata