Driggs 3 Speed

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A premium commuter with head turning style

  • Internal 3-speed
  • High grade Chromoly steel frame
  • Relaxed & comfortable geometry
  • Mounting points for accessories
  • A Head-Turning Steel City-Bike For The Masses

    "This double top-tube bicycle is a classic design with an added second horizontal support that increases the strength of the frame."

    Bicyclist Mag
  • Easy to Buy, Exceptional Service

    "By all accounts, buying a Brooklyn online is a pleasant experience."

    Bicycling Mag
  • Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs
  • Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs
  • Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs

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My new favorite bike

Brooklyn Bikes

After borrowing my wife’s Driggs for a good hunk of the last year, I went ahead and got my own this summer. This is a great all-around bike that is going to see a lot of duty scooting around town, hauling groceries, trying to keep up with the kids, and just getting out of the house for no reason.

For starters, I’m guessing that the biggest apprehension to grabbing one of these is the idea of buying a bike without kicking the tires. Two things on that. First, we had our bikes built up at two different bike shops, and both let us know that they were impressed with these bikes, commenting on the quality of the manufacturing and components. For our second Driggs, the mech who built it up also unboxed it. He gushed about the packaging and the care that went into safely and securely getting everything in and out without so much as a hint of a scratch. So don’t let online shopping be a reason not to go with Brooklyn.

If my wife had not snagged a Driggs last year, I don’t think it would have been my first choice. I’ve just always been into the more aggressive look of a flat-barred bike like the Bedford or the Wythe. But there is something freeing about the attitude of the Driggs. Its not a full-speed ahead, tuck position, dragging your knee on the ground when you turn kind of a bike. It’s more like a natural extension of your self in cruise-mode.

The combo of a three-speed internal with 700x35 tires is a sweet set-up for most every urban situation, unless you have significant hills. You’re not going to be jumping curbs, but you’re also not going to fear the occasional pothole.

The Driggs only comes in two sizes, and I fit dead center between the two. Between the sizing guide to get you started and the adjustability of the seat post and stem, you have a decent amount of room to get a dialed in fit.

I have read that the vegan leather handlebars and saddle can get a little slippery when wet, but I haven’t found that to be true. My wife has the Selle Royal Touring, and I have the retro Spring Comfort, and I like them both equally. I was actually planning on upgrading to a Brooks, but I just can’t justify it, because the existing combo looks so good together.

The only problem I’ve had since getting it has been deciding on whether to put a rack on the front. On the back end, you can’t go wrong with any of the myriad rack trunks out there. On the front, I’m trying to decide between a utilitarian basket or a low-profile carrier just big enough for a six-pack. It’s a tough decision, but again, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a wrong answer.

All in all, we just couldn’t be happier with these bikes.

Thanks Steve for sharing such a thorough and all encompassing review. We're thrilled to have you and your wife riding our bikes. -Ryan Zagata

Unique, Stylish, Sturdy, Secure

The Driggs 3 is a great bike so far. I appreciate that it came assembled and that it includes fenders and a rack. I replaced the included rack with a Portland Design Works bamboo rake which goes well with the style of the Driggs. I appreciate the 3-speed gears, I am used to having a fixie Linus bike, so this is a great upgrade. The bike is very comfortable to ride, especially being upright, although bumps are noticeable. The Driggs is great for hauling groceries, I use a Linus single pannier, but it's not an agile or speedy bike, which is fine for my use. Fits my needs and will hopefully hold up!

Minor Cons (which I was aware of prior to purchase): Cannot place a U-Lock within the frame. The bike is pretty heavy, but not unmanageable. I wish it was all black. I would love if the pedals, kickstand, gear, and handle bar and seat-post were all this lovely matte black to match, but I understand why that would be an exceptional ask.

Thank you for sharing such a thorough review Karen. It sounds like you've got your Driggs well dialed in. -Ryan Zagata


I love this bike! The matte black is gorgeous, and the XL is a huge bike that fits my frame perfectly!

Thanks for sharing Thomas. We are thrilled you are enjoying your Driggs 3. -Ryan Zagata

Love it!

I love my Driggs! I wanted a fun bike that could tackle small hills for neighborhood rides. Couldn’t be happier.

Thanks for sharing Brooke. We're thrilled you're enjoying your Driggs. -Ryan Zagata


This bike was everything I dreamed of, and then some. The matte black is stunning, and the cognac brown handles are not only aesthetically pleasing, but super comfortable as well.
It is even better in person than it was online.
If you’re even considering it, just do it.

Such a good price; great quality.

Thanks for sharing your feedback and the amazing photo. Glad you're enjoying your Driggs. -Ryan Zagata

Great bike, great ride, great value, great service

I purchased my Driggs at the very beginning of the Coronavirus lock-down after a drunk driver ran a red light and totaled my car. I had to transition into bicycle-as-primary-transportation mode quickly. I loved my 15+ year old single speed frankenbike but my 50 year old knees were reminding me of my age. After much pride swallowing and research, I decided a 3 speed would suit my needs perfectly.

The Driggs was by far the best value, the most stylish and the best build in its class. I changed out a fair amount of the accessories and components to suit my personal taste, but not enough to compromise the original design integrity.
It’s unlike any bike I’ve ever owned. The long wheel base and slightly upright geometry make for a very stable and comfy ride. It’s not very nimble, but it can handle aggressive maneuvers when necessary.

The ordering process was smooth and the micro-financing was helpful in uncertain economic times. The team was very communicative throughout the shipping and assembly process. The shipping carrier was pretty rough with the package and there was some minor cosmetic damage to the frame and the rear carrier rack, but they got out in front of it and the issues were quickly made right. I’m very impressed with the service and integrity of this company!

Thanks for sharing Michael. We're thrilled you're enjoying the bike and we are glad everything was sorted for you. -Ryan Zagata