Swept Back Handlebars Default HB-SWEPT
Swept Back Handlebars Default HB-SWEPT

Swept Back Handlebars

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These swept back alloy handlebars are perfect for that desired upright ride yet. As seen on our 2019 and prior Driggs and Willow models.

  • Alloy 6061
  • Width: 555mm
  • Bar Bore: 25.4mm
  • Rise: 51mm
  • Handlebars are sold by themselves- grips, shifter, brakes, etc. are not included
  • Professional installation not included, but strongly encouraged
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way

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Customer Reviews

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Father Nicodemos (Mechanicsville, United States)
Handle bars

I really like the swept back handle bars. I just wish that I could have had the option of having them come with original bike order rather than having to order them in addition to the bike which came with the other handle bars. Why not let people choose which handle bars they like?

Thank you so much for sharing. Unfortunately, it is more challenging that it appears to offer the bespoke handlebar option you suggest. Without boring you with the details, the current scenario is the most efficient option available without designing an entirely new bike with the handlebar being the sole differentiator. The relaxed ride handlebars are significantly better received in the market, hence us opting for that style by default. Thanks again for your feedback. -Ryan Zagata

A. (Calabasas, United States)
Bar end shifters

These handlebars look great but the bar end shifters I meant to install won't fit since the diameter of the holes are very small. A huge bummer but I guess I should have anticipated this issue.

Thanks Asaf. The bars are 25.4 at the clamp and 22.2 at the grip so any bar end shifter would need to fit that diameter. -Ryan Zagata

John Sofra (Westerville, United States)
Just what she was looking for!!

The bars were very easy to install, no need to take to the bike shop, just took it slow and easy. Picked up all metric specific tools. My wife and I tried them and it really allows for an upright ride, great bike control, and removes all spine pressure. I think I am going to purchase the bars for my bike as well. Highly recommended and price is right!

Thanks so much for sharing John. -Ryan Zagata

Blake Hebold (Falmouth, United States)
Great Handlebars!

As a young bike mechanic I don’t have preferred bike component retailers. But these are perfect bars for cruiser vibe bikes. Everything (grips, brake levers etc) fit according to measurements. Great product, highly recommend it!

Thanks so much for the kind words and acknowledgment Blake. -Ryan Zagata

J. Thompson (Brooklyn, United States)
Most Impressed

These handlebars are exactly what I’ve been looking for for years. They allow me to ride in an upright position, much like on a Dutch Bike, which I find more comfortable. The bars fit my bicycle with no trouble, are beautifully finished, and they arrived packaged well and on time. I am most impressed.

Thanks so much for sharing. -Ryan Zagata