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Elena Besser - Williamsburg Bike Tour

May 24, 2018 1 min read

Elena Besser


Williamsburg is a trendy part of Brooklyn with a vibrant food scene, so we asked video producer, on-camera host, and chef, Elena Besser to show us her favorite places. She hopped on her Bedford 7 to visit her top spots for a sweet treat. Check out her recommendations: 

Caffe Lilia

Lilia NYC (where I used to cook) is one of the hardest reservations in town, but what not many people know is attached to Lilia, there is an all day cafe serving up coffee, pastries, soft-serve gelato, and sandwiches.


Looking for an adorable space for coffee and anything sweet? Try Sweethaus. They frost cupcakes to order. What’s not to love? My favorite is the yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles, matches the bike seat pretty well too.

Sunday In Brooklyn

The last stop on our little Williamsburg dessert-adventure is Sunday in Brooklyn. This place is famous for their brunch but they have an amazing take-out window serving up epic soft-serve. Like this s’mores soft serve. A dairy-free chocolate treat with torched marshmallow meringue enrobing the chocolate.


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