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Toronto Bike Tour - Crown Flora

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Crown Flora Studio

Adam + Davis


We asked our friends to the north Adam and Davis, owners of the Crown Flora Studios to show us around Toronoto. Check out how biking enhanced their lives and the bond with their community below.

In a large metropolitan, fast paced city like Toronto, it's easy to get lost in a sea of traffic. Time is so important to us that we needed a new way of getting around town without using our car constantly. We decided we needed a faster, simpler, healthier and more efficient way of getting around town - by bicycle!

When we saw beautiful orange bikes at our local bike store, we immediately fell in love and purchased two. Having these bikes have allowed us to zip around town quickly. Our lives have changed since we started riding our bikes. We've discovered new places that we wouldn't normally see while driving in a car. It's definitely made us happier and healthier!

We own two stores here in beautiful Toronto called Crown Flora that specialize in greens, terrariums and floral arrangements. If you could describe our style it's a 'controlled wild'. We’re not your typical florist - we're inspired by ways flowers naturally grow. When we make our arrangements, we don't force our flowers to move or bend in a certain way.

Crown Flora Studio

Willow 3, Crown Flora Stuido

Our primary warehouse location is in Parkdale in a beautiful pink building off of Queen Street West. Our second location is located on Queen Street West and is shared with Greenhouse Juice who make delicious fresh juices daily.

Greenery Juice

Upon entering the warehouse, you’ll always see our tangerine Brooklyn Bikes parked amongst the greens. They’re always admired by customers who come in the shop. Having the bikes helps us zip back and forth between our two shops and people love seeing us on these vibrant orange bikes!   

While on our bikes we’ve ventured out to different neighborhoods to show you the Toronto we know and love. Here’s where our bikes have taken us so far: 

Adam on our Lorimer in Mint Green and Davis on our Willow 3 in Tangerine

Parkdale/Queen Street West

Parkdale is located in the west end part of Queen Street. Local businesses are supported and thrive here because of the diverse demographic of the neighborhood. Food options are plenty and we love trying new tastes from various cultures. Parkdale runs along Lakeshore which includes beautiful bike paths that meander beside Lake Ontario.

There are quite a number of murals and art installations by both local and international artists. The BIA is very supportive of the arts community so there’s always funding for beautifying the neighborhood.

Parkdale, Toronto

While in Parkdale we love going to Sam James Coffee for their lattes to fuel up. Queen West Antiques is a great spot for mid-century modern items. The store receives gorgeous collections that are often used in movies so you’re sure to find some quality pieces.
After a bit of shopping you can peddle over to Trinity Bellwoods, a well known park in Toronto. It’s centrally located and is equipped with bike paths, dog parks, a community centre and other amenities. Beautiful old trees surround the park and many people flock there to have picnics or lounge around.
Puente de Luz

Liberty Village 

There are lots of condo developments in Toronto that embrace art and active lifestyles. Developers are building parks and bike paths to encourage a healthy lifestyle. We rode our mint colored Lorimer bicycle for our long ride along this this pedestrian bridge, Puente de Luz which lights up at night!

Lorimer in Soft Mint 
Ossington, Toronto


The Ossington neighborhood is a short bike ride from our store. There are tons of great little shops and independent stores. We enjoy getting a pie at Superpoint Pizza. It’s open late when you need that after party pizza fix!
 Superpoint Pizza

If you are still craving carbs head over to Bobbie-Sue’s which has hands down the best mac and cheese in Toronto. It’s on a side street of Ossington and easily accessible by bicycle. 

Bobbie Sue's and Willow 3

Another favorite spot of ours is Julie’s Snack Bar, known for its mojitos. It’s a cute little establishment that resembles something you’d see in a tropical country down south. They’ve got a lovely little patio surrounded by massive trees.

Julie's Snack Bar

That concludes our bike tour of Toronto, next time you're up north make sure to stop by Crown Flora to say hello! 

Willow 3 and Puppy
Thank you to Zara from XO VELO for the beautiful photos! 



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