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Franklin 3 Speed

Our ultra stylish, ultra utilitarian step-through.
  • Internal 3 speed. Also available in 8-speed external
  • Relaxed & upright geometry
  • Mounting points for carriers
Gloss Black
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  • The Best Overall Commuter Bike

    "The step-through frame makes mounting your bike effortless regardless of what you're wearing."

  • Best Bike for Beginning Commuters

    "All the gears are inside the hub. The chain doesn’t move when you switch gears, so it’s easy to operate and maintain, and it looks nice."

  • Easy to Buy, Exceptional Service

    "By all accounts, buying a Brooklyn online is a pleasant experience."

Why You'll Love It

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Paul Klepacki (Naples, US)
Best Bike For Your Buck

If I could give my Brooklyn bicycle 6 stars, I would. Wait... I will! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks for the clever use of the six stars Paul. It truly means the world to us that you're enjoying your bike so much. -Ryan Zagata

Alison B. (Hoboken, US)

It’s been less than a day since having my ivory 3 speed Franklin and I am beyond obsessed! The back fender was damaged during shipping but the bike shop reached out to the company immediately and they will address it with no issue. I took it for a spin and I love it so much! Can’t wait to keep riding’

Thanks for sharing your feedback Alison and thanks for giving us a chance to address the minor shipping issue. We are so glad to hear you're enjoying your bike. -Ryan Zagata

Angelina Barnes
Beautiful, Smooth, Convenient

Love my new bike! It’s not only beautiful and comfortable but a very smooth ride. The ordering process was so easy. Having it shipped to a local bike shop for assembly was seamless and so convenient. I can’t wait to explore.

Thanks Angelina. We are glad to learn the process was easy for you. Thank you for sharing the photo also. -Ryan Zagata

Janet (Friendswood, US)
You’ve Got to Have One

This is an incredible bike. The fit is perfect and I look forward to riding for many miles. I always struggle with hand pain so I did add the upgraded seat and swept back handle bars. They were both great additions that allowed me to be more upright. The color is beautiful as you can tell in the reference photo. I appreciated the customer service and quick shipping of the bike. I would highly recommend this bike and this company.

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and photos Janet. We are thrilled you're enjoying your Franklin 8. -Ryan Zagata

Heidi Morales-Hake (Tampa, US)
Great Choice for Commuting/Leisure

After enjoying my Roebling for about 4 years now, I decided I wanted something more laid back and fun to ride. I chose the Franklin 8-speed because of the design and upright handle bars. The minute I test rode it at my local bike shop, I knew this was the one! The price point is reasonable for what you're getting, its comfortable, stylish and its quality built. I'm debating on whether I should keep my Roebling because it's also a great bike, but more for city commuting.

Thank you so much for sharing Heidi. It seems you've fallen into the N+1 trap whereby the number of bikes you need is N (the number you have) plus one more. We're honored that your +1 is a Brooklyn and we're thrilled to be with you wherever you're going. Thanks again. -Ryan Zagata

A.H. (New York, US)
Fun Utilitarian Ride

Bought this step through for the purposes of putting a child seat on the back. The reason I bought the step through was so I don't kick the kid's everyime I get on or off. In that regard, it is perfect. The 3 speed is perfectly adequate for NYC; no hill is so steep here that more speeds are necessary.

Only complaints are really nitpicks. I wish the clasps that held the brake cable were enclosed; my cable keeps coming out and rubs against the chain as I ride. Also, It would have been nice if, when purchasing, one could choose the type of handlebars come with it. I would have loved the swept back handle bars, but its too much trouble to order and bring back to the bike shop to be redone.

Customer support is excellent and the bike rides well. I would definitely recommend this bike

Thanks for sharing Andrew. We're thrilled you're enjoying your bike. As our bikes are assembled and packaged at the factory and ship directly to a third party warehouse, we are limited in our ability to offer bespoke handlebars. That being said, the handlebars are available and as you experienced, VERY easily swapped out. -Ryan Zagata